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2013 Stars of Tomorrow Baseball & Softball Tournament

Posted on Friday, August 9, 2013 at 2:38 pm

The Stars of Tomorrow Baseball & Softball Tournament, featuring some of the rising talent from around the area, began on Aug. 8 at Dreamfields in Lancaster County. Below are the schedules and scores from the tournament.

12u Boys

Westmoreland def. Northumberland 9-3
Lancaster def. Denbigh 8-5
Northumberland def. Denbigh 14-1
Lancaster def. Westmoreland 7-2
Friday, 6:00
Gloucester vs Essex, Major Boys Field
Friday, 8:00
Mathews vs Gloucester, Major Boys Field
Saturday, 10:00
Essex vs Mathews, Major Girls Field
Northumberland vs Lancaster, Major Boys Field
Denbigh vs Westmoreland, Varsity Girls Field
Saturday, 12:00
#7 vs #6, Major Boys Field
Saturday, 2:00
#7 vs #6 winner vs #5, Jr Boys Field
#4 vs #3, Major Girls Field
#1 vs #2, Major Boys Field

10u Boys

Both games played on Jr Boys Field
Saturday, 10:00
Lancaster vs Denbigh
Saturday 12:00
Denbigh vs Lancaster

8u Boys

Thursday, 7:00
Lancaster Red vs Lancaster White, Varsity Baseball Field
Friday, 6:00
Lancaster White vs Denbigh, Varsity Baseball Field
Lancaster Red vs Northumberland, Jr Boys Field
Friday, 8:00
Northumberland vs Lancaster White, Varsity Baseball Field
Denbigh vs Lancaster Red, Jr Boys Field
Saturday, 12:00

Denbigh vs Northumberland, Varsity Baseball Field

Saturday, 2:00
#3 vs #4, Varsity Baseball Field
Saturday, 4:00
#1 vs #2,  Varsity Baseball Field

12u Girls

Mathews def. Lancaster 2-1
Friday, 6:00
Lancaster vs Denbigh, V Girls Field
Northumberland vs Mathews, Major Girls Field
Friday 8:00
Denbigh vs Northumberland, Major Girls Field
Saturday, 12:00
Denbigh vs Mathews, Major Girls Field
Lancaster vs Northumberland, Varsity Girls Field
Saturday, 2:00
#3 vs #4 seed, Varsity Girls Field
Saturday, 4:00
#1 vs #2 seed, Varsity Girls Field

10u Girls

All games on Machine Pitch Field
Saturday, 10:00
Lancaster vs Middlesex
Saturday, 12:00
Middlesex vs Northumberland
Saturday, 2:00
Northumberland vs Lancaster
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