A toast to this year’s Christmas Cheer in Kinsale

Posted on Wednesday, December 18, 2013 at 4:00 pm

A toast, a toast!  In Vault Field wine and Health Nut Cider — to all our saints and angels above and to all our good neighbors on earth who combined to create a holly, jolly Christmas in Kinsale when Santa Claus came to town Saturday.

Francie Thompson and Millie English smile over cookies

Francie Thompson and Millie English smile over cookies

Radiance certainly streamed from heaven above, and redeeming love was the watchword along with the phrase “direct line to heaven.”

Nobody could believe it but there was not only no rain, but that blue skies arched over our town for at least part of the day.  The wind even dropped, and hundreds of people came. They made generous purchases to benefit the needy, and we felt totally, totally blessed.

Every single person I spoke with was just lovely.

Our vendors in the Park were so gallant and charming and creative, even when their fingers and toes turned blue.

Yes indeed, it was, ummm, not exactly hot.  Indeed, some felt a little chilly.  But those fire pits, roasted, fried and stewed oysters, wine sips, hot chocolate and cider really helped keep spirits high!

And so did the talented upbeat musicians in two wonderful bands (Black Coffee & Heavy Cream and The 11-21 Club), whose voices caressed the crowd like a family sing-along.

Millions of cookies were baked and bought — well, at least hundreds of dozens… generating more than $1,230 in income!

Imagine what this outdoor event would have been like had we had Sunday’s weather — sleet, snow, freezing rain, instead of such warmth of friendship and love and glorious melodies.

Good food, too!  LOTS of oysters and crab cakes and oyster stew went down the hatch.  Thank you, Bevans Oyster, Cople VFD, Bob Harris and Ebenezer Men.


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