Lingering Fracking questions answered

Posted on Tuesday, December 31, 2013 at 11:00 am

In a previous edition, the Westmoreland News covered an informational meeting sponsored by the Caroline County Countryside Alliance and the Friends of the Rappahannock to educate the public about the issue of fracking as related to the drilling plans through the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula of the Texas-based Shore Exploration and Production Corporation from Caroline County. Speakers responding to the questions that follow about fracking in the Taylorsville Basin included Rick Parrish, Greg Buppert, and Sarah Francisco from the Southern Environmental Law Center.

Hydraulic Fracking

Hydraulic Fracking

Here are answers to just a few of the concerns.

Where can waste be disposed of? Rick Parrish responded that the liquid waste is not supposed to be disposed of on the ground or in a pit, and may not go to a sewage treatment plant. He indicated that shipping the waste was on option and noted that a lot of waste was shipped to Ohio for deep well injection. He also noted that there was increased interest by some for treating the waste and recycling it. The solid waste and rock could be spread on the ground at the site and lease owners need to be aware of how much rock and solid debris this could entail.disclaimer

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