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Scout Sunday, Blue and Gold Banquet

Posted on Monday, February 24, 2014 at 11:00 am

Pack & Troop 258 with a few Sea Scouts participated in the Scout Sunday services on Sunday, Feb. 16 at the Colonial Beach Baptist Church.  The Pack had 16 of the 23 scouts participate and the Troop had all eight members present.  The boys started with a Presentation of Flags and Pledge, and throughout the service some of the boys read verses and prayers.

 Scouts participated in Scout Sunday on Sunday, Feb. 16 at Colonial Beach Baptist Church.

Scouts participated in Scout Sunday on Sunday, Feb. 16 at Colonial Beach Baptist Church.

Following services, everyone gathered in the fellowship hall to start the 27th Blue & Gold Banquet with dinner.  Thanks goes out to Stephanie Berry, Mark Phipps, Missey Lee & Stephen Lee for fixing and having everything ready for the hungry group.  Thanks also go out to the Melson family for providing the wonderful cupcakes for the celebration too.  Thanks to all our wonderful leaders and volunteers, Joe Meler, Steven Haug, Wesley Melson, Jennifer Alford, Julie Meler, Brian Talbot, Jeremy Brown, Kimberly Melson, Arlene McKenzie, Thomas Phares, Frank A. Alger, Jr.

A visitor from the Heart of Virginia Council, Nick Harmon, came to talk about Friends of Scouting to the group and to get support from the families. There was a representative from Pack 255, Mike & Michael Swann, The Sea Scouts, Megan Mayhew and of course the Pack & Troop 258. The Wolves presented a skit for all to enjoy on emergency broadcasting. Thanks guys!  Awards were handed out next to many of the boys.  Pack 255, Michael Swann, received his Tiger badge.




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