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Cub Scouts help to share the love, fun

Posted on Sunday, March 2, 2014 at 4:00 pm

Love was in the air on Friday night as Cub Scout Pack 258 hosted a ‘Because I love you’ dinner at the Colonial Beach Rescue Squad as a fundraiser. Highlights of the night came from not only the young men standing at the door with white shirts and red bow ties handing out boxes of candy for the ladies, but also from the elderly couple who poked fun at each other during the Newlywed game that was played. Love was in the air as Don and Jean Claus, a couple married for 58 years, stole the show in the Newlywed game as their thought processes gave a clear indication as to how they have survived so much time together.

than Pratt was eager for guests to sample the fondue at the ‘Because I Love You’ Dinner.

Ethan Pratt was eager for guests to sample the fondue at the ‘Because I Love You’ Dinner.

After a delicious meal and an even more delicious chocolate fondue, the evening’s festivities included time for dressing up for funny pictures and then listening to four couples trying to answer questions about their mates. One good natured couple, the Rollins, laughed as they came up with a grand total of zero, while the most recent newlyweds,  Gussie and Bob Smith, made the crowd roar with laughter as they poked and picked at each other with often ridiculous answers.


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