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Westmoreland County Public Schools welcome new staff members for 2014-2015 school year

Posted on Friday, August 29, 2014 at 11:00 am

“Teamwork makes the dream work,” said Westmoreland County Public Schools School Board Chairman Iris Lane as she gave the opening remarks for opening day in the county school system. On the top of the morning’s agenda was the quote “Teamwork creates unity in the drive to success” and Lane emphasized that the 2015 school year will focus on teamwork and that everyone there was a part of the team that will make students’ dreams come true. On behalf of the school board, Lane welcomed everyone and noted that no matter the job, everyone was valued. She also directed those interested to take a look at the strategic plan for the year on the division’s website before turning the program over to Westmoreland County Board of Supervisors Chairman, Darryl Fisher.

Principal of Washington District Sandy Herdle and new Assistant Principal Dan Styer with new staff members.

Principal of Washington District Sandy Herdle and new Assistant Principal Dan Styer with new staff members.

“I am excited, excited, excited,” Fisher said of the new school year. Fisher said the sun always shines after a storm and made note of the “storm that has hung over our system over the last 12 months,” but said that everyone could now enjoy sunshine and a fresh new beginning. “Even in the midst of adversity you can draw wisdom and strength.” With that wisdom and strength, Fisher welcomed everyone to share in the privilege of making Westmoreland County the best it can be.

Assistant Superintendent James Cook then introduced some of the new and transferred staff and invited each Principal to introduce the new members of their staffs.

Principal of Cople Elementary Sheri Almond introduced Mary Delano, registered nurse; Deborah Copeland, Instructional Assistant; Crystal Balderson, Food Service; Brian Satterwhite, P.E.; Kathleen McKenna, Math Specialist; Carolyn Fisher, Instructional Assistant; and Elaine Scott, Instructional Assistant.

“For me teamwork is the key,” Almond said, “and all the schools do a great job at working together.”


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