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After five years of Nazi rule, this family earned their Independence

Posted on Thursday, July 10, 2014 at 11:00 am

As John and Sophia Oord sat in their kitchen recounting growing up under German Nazi rule, John was factually spot on with his memory of detailed events as was Sophia, but Sophia took a little urging from her granddaughter Tina because Sophia would rather “forget all this Dutch and Nazi stuff.”

John and Sophia Oord recounted their days of growing up under German Nazi rule.

John and Sophia Oord recounted their days of growing up under German Nazi rule.

No doubt she would because Holland was decimated by the Nazis as 75 percent of Jewish folks there either disappeared to concentration camps or were forced to dig their own graves and then shot.

This is where the famed Anne Frank lived and where the Oords earned and learned a thing or two of independence.

On May 10, 1940, the Nazi Army invaded the Oord’s home country of Holland despite the Netherlands attempting to remain neutral. Within five days, the unprepared Dutch Army surrendered after a massive bombing of Rotterdam.

The entire Dutch government and royal family went in exile to London, England.

The infamous Nazi Air force or Luftwaffe along with heavy ground forces and massive paratroop assaults slammed into Holland, but met with substantial resistance from the Dutch military with the Dutch destroying many transport craft destined to be used for a Nazi planned invasion of England.

For the duration of the war, Dutch resistance fighters famously fought the goose-stepping Nazis at every turn.