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All roads lead to Montross

Posted on Wednesday, June 15, 2016 at 12:53 pm

Rows of colorful vintage cars were the main attraction at this unique event.

Rows of colorful vintage cars were the main attraction at this unique event.

The 23rd annual Northern Neck Region (NNR) Antique Automobile Club of America’s (AACA) Antique Auto Show cruised through Montross Saturday, June 11 to Stan’s Skateland, welcoming participants to showcase many of their authentic motor vehicles in hopes of taking home various trophies and cash prizes.
Originally set for May 21, the event was postponed due to inclement weather, which left show participants and spectators from all over the state of Virginia eager to see blue skies and sunshine at this year’s event.
The show featured 15 different classes of vehicles all ranging in year, type, make and origin for owners to be judged. These included the stunning varieties of preserved antique classics that were lined across the lot along with dozens of both old and newer versions of muscle and foreign cars, Mustangs, Corvettes, Thunderbirds and several makes of trucks and motorcycles.
Each class was offered the chance to win either first, second or third place trophies or plaques depending upon the category. Special awards were also given out such as “Mayor’s Choice,” “Stan’s Choice,” “Top Sponsor Choice,” “Top Rat Rod,” two “Best of Show” awards for antique and modified cars as well as an “Oldest Car Award.”
As far as could be seen, the oldest car on the lot was a fully-functional Ford Model T flatbed truck that was built in 1922, making it now 94 years old and a prized possession for its owners over the last 40 years.
Many owners shared some unique stories about their vehicles and how special they have come to be.
Three year Montross show participant, Sonny Cochrane and his son Justin Cochrane trekked their way from Richmond, VA to show off their all steel, 1940 Resto Rod Ford Deluxe Coupe, which they have had for the last eighteen years after purchasing it from a Richmond police officer.
According to the Cochrane’s, the car houses a Ford 302 engine with a 1969 Mexican Block as well as a 1993 cylinder head and crankshaft. It also uses a Ford C-4 Automatic transmission that includes a shift-kit.
Sonny Cochrane and his son have driven their car to events all over the state of Virginia for the past seventeen years as well as places in Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina and West Virginia. According to the Cochrane’s, they have won several awards during their many auto show adventures.
“I think by the end of this season we will have 300 trophies in our garage,” Sonny Cochrane said. “Our main thing is that we try to stay away from shows in Richmond as much as possible. We like to stretch out and go to shows anywhere from 75 to 150 miles out of Richmond. Last year at this time we were in Lynchburg, Virginia, but we have been really fond of this show in Montross for the last three years. We would certainly like to keep coming.”
Through the assistance of more than 100 hundred registered vehicles and their owners, the show’s proceeds have served to benefit the Northern Neck Technical Center for an “Automotive Technical and Body Repair” scholarship.