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Alumni celebrate Class of 1962

Posted on Tuesday, October 23, 2012 at 11:59 pm

On Sept. 22, members of A.T. Johnson High School’s Class of 1962 celebrated their 50th reunion in Montross.

Family members, 21 graduates and members of the community were in attendance for a historical occasion to mark a milestone in the school’s history.

Graduates processed and were treated to biographical sketches from a classmate at the September 22 A.T. Johnson High School reunion.

“Our class, the A.T. Johnson Class of 1962, has reached a milestone. Fifty years out of high school and we are still enjoying life,” said Evelyn Swann, graduate and member of the reunion’s steering committee.

“We have so many blessings for which we are thankful,” Swann said. “Our reunion was an opportunity to return to our beginnings and get together with our classmates again. We were able to share memories of high school days and even discuss our lives the past 50 years.”

“We enjoy each other’s company and we stay in touch; we have and have become like a family,” Swann added.

Barbara Roane and Barbara Ashton decorated the gymnasium next to the A.T. Johnson Building, which held the event, with the school colors of blue and white, with a touch of gold for a “golden anniversary event” as titled by Swann.

“In actuality, we may not reach another period as spectacular in our lives,” Swann said, which made the event so special.

Graduates came not only from the local areas, but also from Arizona, Florida, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania and  Wisconsin.

A total of 39 students graduated from A.T. Johnson High School back in 1962. Today the school is used as a museum and a meeting room for various events.

What highlighted the event, Swann said, was the processional of the graduates and the biographical sketches read by retired counselor Elnora Tompkins.

“It was like when we graduated from high school. They called our names, we were given all the attention at that time as special people from A.T. Johnson getting ready to go out in the world,” Swann said. “We just enjoyed the idea of being able to come back home…it was a great thing for us to come back home—something special for us—and to be able to do it that way. We knew our family members would be there. It was a great feeling. ”

Rev. A.J. White, class sponsor and retired teacher, encouraged the graduates to continue helping others, especially the youth.

“We couldn’t have asked for a better 50th reunion,” Swann said. “It was well attended and some have even said that this was the greatest activity they have attended.”

Harold Smith, William Jones, Charles Johnson, Barbara Ashton, Barbara Roane, Maxine Wilson, George Dixon and Evelyn Swann made up the reunion steering committee, which started early this year.