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An accreditation celebration

Posted on Wednesday, October 17, 2018 at 12:22 pm

It was near the end of the Board of Supervisors meeting this month that Westmoreland School Board Superintendent Dr. Michael Perry had come before the board to both present them with a last little bit of news on the new high school’s designs and give them a gift… of cake. Dr. Perry got the idea after reading an article about the Superintendent of Accomack County’s schools presenting their Board of Supervisors with a cake as a way of saying thanks for helping get the schools to where they are.

“Some people might see this as kissing up, but they can think what they will. The truth is, because Westmoreland County’s schools are fully accredited for the first time in several years, I no longer have to hold my head down when it’s mentioned. We started with a plan and every year, we added a school. We almost had it last year, but we got it this year. Some might say it’s because the systems had changed, but this would have happened regardless. They are flying high right now.”

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Superintendent Dr. Michael Perry brought a cake

to the Board of Supervisor’s meeting to celebrate

the full accreditation of Westmoreland

County Public Schools.