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Another close Eagles victory

Posted on Wednesday, January 22, 2014 at 4:00 pm

The game was sluggish to start as the ball frequently transferred possession from team to team. Then, Colonial Beach’s Keane Foster (#3) started the game off with two points on the board. He then continued by scoring a 3-pointer just a few moments later and Lamar Lucas (#23) snagged a rebound shortly after, giving the Drifters a quick seven point lead. Washington and Lee fought back as Terrin Dickerson (#24) scored the first two points for his team by two foul shots. Eagles’ Davon Hamilton (#4) then made a quick layup and Milan Bullock (#10) scored three points with a combination of a basket and a free throw. With two minutes left, the Eagles’ own Treshaun Brown (#12) scored consecutive back to back shots. Colonial Beach was able to grab the last shot of the quarter, setting the score to 11 – 9 in the Eagles’ favor.

Treshaun Brown soaring over the Drifters for two points.

Treshaun Brown soaring over the Drifters for two points.

Again Keane Foster of the Drifters began the quarter with a basket, followed by Kamron Smith (#4) to gain the lead. The Eagles tied the game up with a shot shortly afterwards and managed to score one foul shot to put them ahead of the Drifters. However, the Drifter’s Montie Gould (#5) came out of nowhere for a shot that added three points to the board. The Eagles swooped in with DJ Weldon (#22) making two sequential shots to gain the lead yet again. With the help of Bullock and Brown, the Eagles were able to put a healthy amount of points on the scoreboard and the Drifters began to lose the close game as the buzzer rang with a score of 32 – 25.