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Band breaks for the Beach

Posted on Wednesday, February 1, 2017 at 12:36 pm

news_img_f_1432926259Award winning Christian band Sidewalk Prophets is bringing its Prodigal Tour to Colonial Beach this Thursday, February 2 at Oak Grove Baptist Church in hopes of engaging guests in an “immersive concert experience” like no other.
Best known for its pop-indie sound, Sidewalk Prophets was formed over 15 years ago by lead singer Dave Frey and rhythm guitarist Ben McDonald while at Anderson University located in Indiana. Since then, the group has toured in thousands of locations with some of the top name acts in contemporary Christian music such as Jeremy Camp, Tenth Avenue North, Newsboys, Third Day and Family Force 5 and released several hit albums including These Simple Truths, Live Like That and its latest hit Something Different.
Lead singer Frey explained how each tour is really a grand adventure that reveals God’s omnipresence no matter what city or country they find themselves.
“We’ve hit the road hard for at least the last 10 years, doing easily 200 shows a year,” Frey said. “It is tough living out of a suitcase but the people you meet that have been affected by God, really getting to know their hearts and what is taking place in their lives is irreplaceable. And, I so often realize that the God we serve is the same God no matter where we go—whether we’re in Virginia, Texas and California or all the way across the world in Africa or Italy. It constantly amazes me that whenever or wherever we show up, God is waiting for us.”
After countless tours, it could be easy for a band to get caught up in its same old routine but Frey assured that the Prodigal Tour is exceptionally different from others since it pays remarkable attention to detail, much like the Creator. Frey announced that the focal point of the show is a short but powerful film called “The Prodigal,” which was written by Sidewalk Prophets co-founder Ben McDonald along with Matt Hadley and produced by Wander Creative.
“With this tour we are trying to make it an immersive concert experience,” Frey said, chuckling. “… I know that may not be descriptive enough. But, the whole night is about bringing the lost home—that’s our great goal—just like in the parable of the prodigal son, who took and wasted all of his inheritance only to realize that he needed to go back home. He was ashamed, worried and afraid to face his father, but his father welcomed him with open arms. There are just so many that are lost that feel like they have to run away from ‘Home,’ but we’re hoping that if nothing else someone will take a step closer to Jesus that night.”
Frey explained that he considers the power of prayer and his relationship with Christ as the “paramount” of his life, and hopes that the Prodigal Tour experience will reveal the same for others.
“I just hope when they leave, they realize that prayer is so important,” Frey said. “God loves to hear from us even though He already knows everything. You have to believe that those prayers don’t go unheard and that God is always on the move. It may take longer than we’d like sometimes, but He hears them.”
Frey is hopeful that guests will be entertained and enjoy the time spent fellowshipping with one another through lots of laughter and energetic music, but most of all he hopes that God embeds a spark of light through His word that will convey through their inspiring lyrics.
“I hope to encourage everyone to go out and be a light in a dark world,” Frey said. “It’s getting darker every day, but we can shine a light that’s brighter and make a difference in so many lives.”
General admission tickets are available online at sidewalkprophets.org. The event will be at Oak Grove Baptist Church, 8096 Leedstown Rd., Colonial Beach.

Hannah Elliott is the Westmoreland News Editor.