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Colonial Beach pastor delivers the Word to the Ukraine

Posted on Wednesday, May 15, 2013 at 1:39 pm

By Dr. Johnny R. Almond
Pastor of Colonial Beach Baptist Church

The church of our Lord Jesus Christ is bigger than the local church. There are more members of His church than we can count; in every nation, there are believers in the Savior who worship Him and serve Him and trust Him. Brothers and sisters in Christ around the world are part of the community of faith, though we do not know them personally.
That’s one reason I’m excited about my trip to the Ukraine. Several months ago, Bruce Kittelson, president of Olive Branch International and a longtime friend, met with our deacons and shared ideas about establishing a sister-church relationship in the Ukraine. He has traveled extensively there, and is very knowledgeable about the churches. Bruce has invited me to travel with him on a mission tour of churches May 9-18.
We’ll be visiting three churches including a small mission Baptist church in Bucha, in the western suburb of Kiev; a larger, very conservative Baptist church in Chernivtsi;  and a non-denominational church in Khmelnitski, in the western Ukraine, on the Romanian border, focused on reaching the youth. The primary purpose of the visit will be to investigate the possibility of establishing a sister-church relationship between one of these churches and Colonial Beach Baptist Church.
Getting to know the pastor and other leaders, hearing about the spiritual needs of congregations, learning names of those believers – and how to pronounce them – exchanging pictures with them, praying for their ministry—all this will encourage and challenge us in a sister-church relationship.
Please pray that God will bless this trip for His glory and the blessing of His church—here in Colonial Beach, Virginia and there in the Ukraine.