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Beach planning commission welcomes newest member

Posted on Sunday, July 22, 2012 at 4:00 am

Robin Schick

The Colonial Beach Planning Commission welcomed its newest member, Robin Shick, at the last meeting. Schick is a long term town resident and the daughter of Kyle Shick. She has a degree in architecture from the University of Virginia.  Schick also spent two years in the Peace Corps. She was stationed in Jocotan, Guatemala where she helped to build a public library, as well as many other projects.

During the July meeting, David Coombes, member of the commission, asked that the chairperson read, and explain, any articles, amendments, etc., that would be open for public hearing. Chair Maureen Holt agreed and explained the two articles up for discussion.

Article 14 which changes the need for site plans in existing commercial properties, so long as there is no change in impermeable surface area, had no public comment. It was passed unanimously by the six member commission who will now pass this along the the Colonial Beach Town Council. This is a change from all new businesses being required to submit a site plan, regardless of whether a business existed at that same location prior.

A major site plan is still required prior to the start of any land disturbing activity. The uses that require this include: Single-Family Homes, Manufactured Home Parks, Multiple-family dwellings, Business, commercial, industrial, or other nonresidential development that exceeds 5,000 square feet, and any other construction, or improvement that the zoning administrator deems necessary.

The other discussed amendment, Article 2, which defines the purpose of the Zoning Ordinances, the administration, the comprehensive plan, Town Council, and Planning Commission. The wording of this article is standard for zoning ordinance in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  In January the commission had removed Section 2-2B which contained most of the legal foundations. Zoning staff recommended the commission approve this amendment and pass it on to the Town Council to be added back in to the ordinance.

A subcommittee consisting of Robin Schick, Desiree Urquhart, and Zoning Clerk Josh Frederick,was established to address the sign ordinances. Kyle Schick will also be on this subcommittee as a representative of the Colonial Beach Chamber of Commerce. This was brought up due to issues with signs near the Beach Gate area, which include waving flag signs, as well as a electronic, flashing light sign directly across the street from one another. The subcommittee is expected to present their recommendations in September.