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Beach Police eyes re-accreditation

Posted on Tuesday, July 30, 2013 at 11:59 pm

Colonial Beach Town Council was approached by the town’s police department at its July work session for an additional $3200 to cover costs of re-accreditation.

Interim Chief of Police William Seay requested the funding to pay for the additional amount of time needed for Monroe Bryant’s hours.

The police department is accredited through the Virginia Law Enforcement Professional Standards Commission (VLEPS.)

Consultant Monroe Bryant looks to help earn re-accrediation for the Colonial Beach Police Department.

The commission gave CBPD their initial accreditation in 2010. It is required for each agency to go through the process every four years to maintain their accreditation.

Bryant, an accreditation consultant, works two days a week toward the re-accreditation of the department. He said that there was a need for four days a week before the next reassessment of progress in November.

According to Bryant, he has 186 files that must comply with 562 standards. As of the last check, 95 of the files were returned as needing work. He explained that some of  the files were incorrectly returned, but many did need further work prior to the November checks.

Councilmember Linda Brubaker questioned the need to double the salary being paid given the town’s current budget restrictions. Bryant answered that his salary came to $15 per hour instead of the $100,000 to $200,000 typically charged by companies who perform this service. Bryant retired in 2005 as the accreditation manager of the Alexandria Police Department.

TC continued discussion on the sale of the Hamilton Ave property to Clayton Shepherd. The 827 square foot piece of property adjoins Shepherd’s property. It is a piece of land that is only of any use to the adjacent land owner as it is too small to be built upon, or developed in anyway.

In June, council members, Brubaker and Wanda Goforth blocked the sale of the piece of land stating that it was undervalued at the cost of eight dollars per square foot. There is a scheduled public hearing on this property at the next regular council meeting.

In discussion on the matter of whether or not the sale of this piece, or the other piece of land that Cameron Berry is slated to purchase, council member, Tommy Edwards asked if he (referring to Shepherd) was going to be an “Indian giver” and not purchase the property.

Members of town staff, and the few in the audience noticed Edwards’ use of the pejorative, but Edwards himself, nor the remainder of the council mentioned its use.

Town Manager Val Foulds asked for a commitment, and financial support, from the TC to follow up on a resolution from 2011 to set up a classification and compensation plan for town employees. In discussion with others who have used outside consultants for this a cost of $8,000-$9500 were given. Council immediately shut the idea down, with Brubaker stating “she had a bad taste about hiring another consultant.”

Council member Jim Chiarello repeatedly stated that “all the information needed” could be found on the internet. He referred to salary information found on websites such as payscale.com. This site takes information, anonymously, and  comes up with salary ranges from those accounts.

At the end of the discussion, Foulds was told to work on an organizational chart and they would go from there.

The next regular council meeting is set for Aug. 8 at 7:30 p.m. in the Town Center.