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Board of Supervisors meeting spells trouble for Westmoreland

Posted on Thursday, April 24, 2014 at 11:30 am

The April 14 Westmoreland County Board of Supervisor’s meeting was a bit lively with some heartfelt, serious issues discussed with gusto.marina

The issues ranged from drastic cuts to Westmoreland County road funding to the owner of the Kinsale Marina wanting to fund a revitalizing measure via construction of a six unit apartment complex with a total of 24 residents that doubles as a hotel/motel for those visiting the marina and the port of Kinsale thus in turn, Westmoreland County.

Also on the table were increases in tap wastewater fees in three locations. The fees are for initial wastewater permits, not monthly fees.

The increase for the Coles Point residential and commercial fee of $4,800 will rise to $6,193 and the Washington District fee will rise from $6,193 to $7,935 for both residential and commercial. The Town of Montross had a complicated fee schedule that has been simplified to a residential fee of $4,995 and a separate commercial fee of $5,679.

The announced slashing of state funding for roads in Westmoreland County was a shock to county officials.  For example, the expected revenue for 2015 was $53,177 but VDOT Residency Administrator for the Northern Neck, David Brown, broke the news that Westmoreland County was only going to receive $16,304, representing a cut of about 70 percent of state funding.

A second example is the expected revenue for 2019 that was projected by Westmoreland County officials to be $90,555 but the figure was again reduced down to $48,597. There was no detailed explanation for the cuts in funding.