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Boy Scout surpasses $10,000 goal

Posted on Tuesday, November 20, 2018 at 9:30 am

Owen Kues, an 11 year old member of Troop 333 in his second year as a member of the Boy Scouts, has set an example of accomplishing set goals when you put your mind to it.

In his first year he sold over $5,200 worth of peanuts and popcorn to support his Troop. He led his district and his pack in sales and had set his goal for $6,000, but fell a little short. The Boy Scouts receive 73 percent of the profits from these sales which help with funding for the troop for camping trips, gear, supplies, and other necessities.

That didn’t seem to be enough for Kues. This year he set his goal even higher. “I don’t know where he comes up with the goals,” his mother Brandy Kues said. “It’s not just with popcorn and peanuts sales. If he puts his mind to something he’s just going do it. That’s just how he is,” Kues said.

Kues credits her son for having confidence and believing in himself and setting his goals so high.

Owen said he had good time selling popcorn and peanuts and the thing he liked the most was meeting all the people throughout his travels.

Owen would be the first one to tell everyone that being a Boy Scout is good fun. “It’s a good cause to help your community out and you can learn stuff. One of the biggest survival tips is to always be prepared,” Owen, said. “When you’re hiking, make sure you have plenty of socks, plenty of water, extra clothes and rain gear.”

Owen Kues said he sold more peanuts than popcorn and couldn’t keep the chocolate ones in stock.

Owen said the Boy Scouts are pretty active in their journeys and just recently returned from a camping trip in Madison County where they also hiked in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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Owen enjoys meeting new people when he sells pop corn and peanuts.