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Business sites

Posted on Tuesday, July 9, 2019 at 2:52 pm

More than anything else, the goal of any county almost always lies in the realm of attracting businesses. More businesses means more money, both in the form of taxes paid into the county’s treasury, and in the form of paychecks for the workers to spend hither and yon. However, no matter how attractive it may be for a business to drop in on a county, it can’t show up if there’s no space for it to go, or no way for it to make a space of its own. It was for this reason that Jerry Davis, the Executive Director of the Northern Neck Planning District Commission, was on hand at the Board of Supervisors last month, seeking authorization for a site selection feasibility study, as well as listing off the various projects taking place across the Northern Neck.

“We’ve proposed a number of individual studies,” he said. “One was a site-selection for an industrial site somewhere in the county, and we’re doing a number of other efforts throughout the region, taking a look at Montross’ water system as well as the sewer system in Callao, as well as some work down in Richmond and Lancaster County.

“The whole idea is that there is a serious lack of commerce and business sites and buildings across the state; that’s certainly the case in the Northern Neck. This study is about seeing if it’s feasible to do additional sites and buildings in the region that can accommodate commerce and business growth.”

The grant had already been approved, so the money is already set aside with no match requirement, which means it will not cost the county anything.

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