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Chubby Chicks and candles spark interest

Posted on Wednesday, September 6, 2017 at 12:37 pm

Barbie Kurt of Heritage and Belle with her candle display.

Rain did not stop the 51st Annual Colonial Beach Boardwalk Arts and Crafts show. The long heavy rains on Saturday may have slowed the start of the show down, yet several of the vendors braved the weather to set up and sell to the few brave souls to wander the concrete boardwalk.

Sunday dawned much better for the event, bright and sunny, beautiful weather and with it lots of people. Vendors lined the boardwalk with all sorts of crafts from hand poured boutique candles to crochet animals.

Barbie Saylor Kurt Chief Visionary of Heritage and Belle displayed her candle line under a light pink tent on the boardwalk. Describing herself as a homebody she lovingly discussed her candle line, hōm•bä•dē, which is the phonetic spelling of homebody, as one that was meant for those who liked cozy, comfort and entertaining at home.

The line includes everything from Belle, which smells like a cross between sweet tea, mandarin and ginger, to zen, an Asian inspired lemongrass scented candle. All her candles are made of soy grown in North Carolina. She lives in Virginia with her husband Sawyer Kurt who is a country singer.

Sharon Morris’s Chubby Chicks booth was one of the biggest draws of the event. Morris began drawing the bikini-clad chubby girls on rocks to hide around town. As soon as she would post them to the Colonial Beach Rocks group the race would be on for people to find them.

With encouragement from the group Morris set to painting a multitude of chicks in red, orange, purple, pink and green suits on everything from four inch square coasters to slate and rocks. Before the end of the day on Sunday she had sold out of everything and was going home to paint more for the Monday visitors.

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