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Citizen crosswalk concerns continue

Posted on Thursday, July 13, 2017 at 9:52 am

During their monthly meeting on June 27, the Montross Town Council discussed several items including citizen concern over the safety of crosswalks, new town signs, Fall Festival and a town survey.
Larry Hinson approached the council to discuss the safety of the crosswalk just at the bend of State Route 3 in Montross. The cross walk was installed as part of the town’s revitalization efforts and an electric crossing light was also installed with flashing lights to warn traffic when pedestrians cross. However the bend in the road creates a bit of a blind spot heading east.
Hinson said he has witnessed cars slamming on brakes to avoid hitting pedestrians when they cross there. The cross walk leads to Angelos Pizza.
Hinson suggested putting up a sign warning motorists of the upcoming crossing. “If a car is coming around the curve you can’t see that someone is crossing until you are right up on the crosswalk. I’ve had several times, cars behind me locked up when people were crossing there.
Town Manager Patricia Lewis said VDOT representatives have suggested putting a safe speed sign up and restricting parking on the right side of the road which blocks the view of pedestrians standing there and the flashing crosswalk sign.
Mayor Joey King said the revitalization committee discussed the safety of the crosswalk, but that is where they decided to put it. King suggested putting either cones or a small sign there to slow traffic.

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