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Colonial Beach beautifies unlikely places

Posted on Wednesday, April 24, 2013 at 10:12 am

“The Community Ring”

By Lyn Ring

The Colonial Beach Artists Guild has a unique way to dress up the beach this year. After a visit to another beach town,  member Elcy  Leshly  was impressed by the art she found surrounding  some unlikely places.   The  garbage cans had been turned into works of art.  She discussed it with members of the Guild who were excited by the concept. The idea was accepted by the town of Colonial Beach and this year when you visit the Beach you will see garbage cans depicting scenes that remind you of the nature of Colonial Beach and its waterfront appeal.
The  Guild  met last week at the Colonial Beach Baptist Church  and presented the large wooden art panels  to Town Manager Val Foulds, Mayor Ham and Rob Murphy of Public Works.  Rob will attach the paintings to the beach receptacles shortly. The panels are coated to protect them from the weather.
Members of the Guild who donated their talents are Karna Sparks, Joyce Thor, Susan Tilt, Carl Thor, Becky Hubbard, Yutta DeMay, Elizabeth Escobar, Shirley Rush, Kim Cannady, Elcy Leshley, Ellen Cosby, Judy Morris, Barbara Kohn, Amanda Lee, Andrea Clement, Karen Julihn, Marie Stoltz, Edwina Washington, Sandy Staley,Maria Roe and Velia Jacobo.   The second Friday Artwalks in town  spotlight many of these artists as well as guest artists every month.  For those  who have never enjoyed  this event this is only a small taste of what many have looked forward to for these past years.