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Colonial Beach School Board member agrees to being censured

Posted on Tuesday, March 19, 2013 at 9:09 pm

Tim Trivett, chair of Colonial Beach School Board, said, “Unfortunately, this is something that can’t take place in closed session, so it must be done in open session,” as he read the resolution to censure School Board member, Wayne Kennedy. The resolution to censure stated that during multiple closed session meetings, Kennedy had engaged in “belligerent, threatening, and offensive behavior toward other School Board members.”

The resolution went on to say that at the February 20 closed session meeting Kennedy’s behavior was “so abrasive that other Board members and

Boardmember Wayne Kennedy.

staff were concerned he might physically assault other members.” It further stated that the school board has no authority to remove a member of the school board, but could only censure him. All members present voted yes on the censure of Kennedy, including Kennedy himself.

Kennedy then went on to say: “Anything I do/say was for the board to work together for the betterment of the students and the school system.” He continued: “I’m sad that we have reached this point, I do accept full responsibility for anything I have said/done. I blame no one else. Nobody loves Colonial Beach School System or the town of Colonial Beach more than Wayne Kennedy.”

He further apologized to his family for any embarrassment that this will cause them, the school system, school board, or town. Kennedy has lived in Colonial Beach for 46 years. He continued on to say that he prides himself on being an independent thinker and that he is not “political correct, but that getting it right is more important than being political correct.”

Kennedy also said that there were two sides to every situation and that he wouldn’t things to get better from this point forward. He stated that there were three situations he could recall over the past three or four years with “animated discussion.” He agreed with him being called belligerent, perhaps offensive, saying “I have to be me. I’ve always been a passionate competitive person.”

The charge of “threat of physical assault” Kennedy stated was ludicrous as the last time he struck anyone was at 15 years of age when he was assaulted and defended himself. He later stated that could have been due to him striking the table during a meeting, when he was sitting next to board member Michelle Payne. Payne was absent from the meeting so could not comment on it.

His final statement was that “Maybe some good could come of this, if I can’t continue to work with you all, and make things better, I’ll choose to not work with you all.” Kennedy charged that it had been fifteen months of frustration over not being able to express himself. He did not state who, or what, was stopping him from speaking during these meetings, other than stating he did feel like he was interrupted.

In other matters of the meeting, School Division Superintendent Kathleen Beane reported that the safety drills conducted at the schools with the Colonial Beach Police Department(CBPD) went well. CBPD will be working with staff on other safety drills in the early summer as well. A number of drills are now held a year for things such as hurricane, tornadoes, fires, and other issues in each school.

Beane also reported that the Westmoreland County Sheriff’s Department and CBPD had done a lecture with all school on things that could indicate possible drug use amongst students. Things listed included clothing choices, music, drug terms, and other items for teachers to look for amongst the student population.

A search for the new High/Middle school principal is underway. According to Beane a number of applications have been received. There is a parent and community survey on the high school web site to help direct the team in looking for the new principal. It can be found at http://www.cbschools.net/ under the “For Parents” tab.

The most recent enrollment figures were released which were 256 elementary students, 159 middle, and 171 High School students. This totals 586 total students which is just above the Average Daily Membership number of 585. J.D. Martin, treasurer of CB schools reported income of $540,000 and expenditures of 463,972 for the month of February.

The next regular School Board meeting is set for April 10 at the Town Center.