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Contractor selected for Currioman Landing repairs

Posted on Wednesday, December 11, 2019 at 11:25 am

Considering how little it’s been mentioned recently, one could be forgiven for thinking that the badly-damaged Currioman Landing boat ramp had been forgotten. At a short meeting of Westmoreland County’s Board of Supervisors on December 2 last week, it was the primary focus after Resource International came back with a pair of potential contractors that had responded to their bid advertisements. Charlie Reidlinger, the senior vice president of the company, was on hand to present the bid results and give his recommendation.

Currioman was first brought to the Board’s attention back in February when county administrator Norm Risavi spoke about it during his Administrator’s comments period. Later on, Resource International was brought on to help put out bid advertisements to contractors for the dredging. There were two responses: Docks of the Bay LLC and Mobile Dredging & Video Pipe Incorporated, a company out of Maryland.

The contract was awarded to Docks of the Bay, owing both to their lower bid and the fact that Resource International had worked with them before when they dredged the Weatherall Creek Inlet. Their bid came in at $421,166, whereas Mobile Dredging’s bid would have clocked in at $589,000 and change. Resource International in turn recommended a budget to the tune of $500,166, thanks to a recommended $22,000 contingency as well as $117,000 which would come from a VRMC grant. All told, this is in line with the costs Resource International was expecting.

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Currioman Landing