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Cople students shine as weather reporters

Posted on Wednesday, February 21, 2018 at 10:28 am

Since February 5, 2018, weather reports have been coming daily from Ms. Amanda Allen’s kindergarten class. As part of the Project Based Learning initiative being reviewed at Westmoreland County Public Schools, Ms. Allen and Cople’s Instructional Technology Specialist, John Cottom have been selecting students for this exciting project. Students featured, thus far, are Ezra Coffman, Christiana Rich, Myla Sichol, Paula Moran, Cesar Cisneros, Harper Dameron and Dominick Anderson.
The weather reporters stand in front of a green screen and tell the audience what the weather is, today’s date, and what the forecast will be. The screen displays weather images similar to regular weather programs on television. Needless to say, the tiny weathermen and weatherwomen have been a major sensation on Cople’s Facebook page.
The children are randomly selected each day. The project, thus far, has been a huge success. Students are becoming more experienced as speakers and by following the step process, they learn how to understand how things work in sequence. Other projects that Cople students have participated in include the Hour of Code and STEM experiences.
The class will be presenting their weather skills at this year’s Science Fair. Congratulations to Ms. Allen and Mr. Cottom for this exciting learning experience for the Cople kindergarten students.