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County projects continue to make progress

Posted on Wednesday, March 15, 2017 at 10:25 am

The Oak Grove Rescue Squad’s roof was finished in time to keep out the winter mix of weather this week. The framework is complete inside the bays and interior spaces.

Oak Grove Rescue Squad is on time and on budget. The Oak Grove Rescue Squad is progressing nicely. Jason M. Hayden Construction Company managed to finish the roofing before the wet weather hit last weekend.
Hayden Construction won the bidding back in October and has been working diligently through inclement weather to finish the construction.
Engineering adjustments and bid negotiations have kept the project within budget according the County Administrator Norm Risavi. Some of the engineering modifications included using 2×6 exterior wall support as opposed to 2×8, reducing the seams in the metal roof from 2 inches to 1 ½ inch, excluding interior girts and the use of vinyl soffit. The electrical service was also reduced from 400 amp to 200 amp.
The Oak Grove Rescue Squad was constructed in response to growing population and limited volunteerism which is being felt all over the State. Stricter guidelines for certification and economic factors for volunteers have contributed to the drop in volunteers.
Earlier this year in April, Westmoreland Emergency Services Jeff Beasley said, “Rescue services within Westmoreland County continue to grow.
Our volunteers are very heartfelt people facing challenges, but they can’t always fulfill their obligations as far as EMS services that are provided.”
The site of the new rescue squad is centrally located to help serve Districts 3, 4 and 5, from the King George County line all the way to the town of Montross. Staff for the Oak Grove Rescue Squad is already in place and responding to calls from the Colonial Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad.
Stratford Hall Fire substation to go out to bid
Officials met twice last week to finalize details on the project and send out an application to DEQ to obtain needed permits for building and site work on the Stratford Hall Fire Substation. The group originally anticipated a $500 permit fee, however because the project requires more than 2 acres of land disturbance and water retention ponds must follow new DEQ regulations which require bio-filters, the permit cost has gone up to $2,700.00.
The engineering is being handled by Allison, Baird & Sehl in Montross. County Administrator Norm Risavi said Thursday March 9 John Sehl was expected have all preliminary application work and have it submitted to Richmond by Friday.
Sehl was also scheduled to meet with an engineer to incorporate some site and building design changes, just making a few minor adjustments.
“They will incorporate the new site plan into the drawing for the application. I’m hoping that all will go well and we can get this thing maybe out to bid next week.” Risavi said Thursday.
Over 10 years ago Bill Pharo and John Felt began raising money for a fire substation to be constructed in Stratford Hall subdivision. In 2014 an energetic group formed a new committee to continue to raise funds. The Fundraising committee also known as FH4 includes Jane Hackemeyer, Tom Cummins, Paul Rothenburg and Lorraine Horbaly.
Because the closest fire departments are in Montross and Oak Grove, response times for Stratford Hall can be as long as 35 minutes.
The passage of time has given way to inflation for construction costs and new regulations which have put stumbling blocks along the way and caused the cost of the building to go up.
Horbaly said, “The fund-raising goal set by the county has changed 5 times in two years.” However in December Board of Supervisors Chairman Daryl Fisher agreed, along with Westmoreland County Administrator Norm Risavi’s concurrence, that the $176,000 is a final number.
To send a donation make your check payable to, Treasurer of Westmoreland County and put Stratford Hall Substation in the subject or memo portion of the check. Checks can be mailed to Treasurer of Westmorland County c/o Westmoreland Board of Supervisors, P.O. Box 1000, Montross, VA. 22520.

Linda Farneth is a Westmoreland News reporter.