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Culinary students meet Chef Gordon Ramsay

Posted on Wednesday, October 30, 2019 at 12:53 pm

Celebrity chef and television personality Gordon Ramsay spent his weekend in the Tappahannock’s own Lowery’s Seafood Restaurant for his reality show, “24 Hours to Hell and Back.”

In his show, Ramsay travels around the country and works to improve “failing restaurants” within a 24-hour period. Ramsay’s team sets up secret surveillance to record issues within the restaurant and then he goes undercover to see the issues firsthand. Within 24 hours, Ramsay does what he does best: improve and dish out quality food and service.

Locals have shared photos and videos of Ramsay around Tappahannock as he worked to assist the family restaurant in improving their dining experience. Currently, Lowery’s holds a 3.5 out of five rating on Yelp.

Tappahannock native, Tiffany Helmick, was able to get the Gordon Ramsay experience with her family as he filmed the show with just 17 hours left on his clock.

“It was a cool experience to see someone that famous in our little town…to have Tappahannock to air on a television show is so awesome.” said Helmick.

Students from the Northern Neck Technical Center’s culinary program were also able to meet Ramsay.

“24 Hours to Hell and Back” airs on Fox; it has not been announced when the Lowery’s episode will air, but we will keep you posted.

Northern Neck Technical Center students met celebrity chef,

Gordon Ramsay when he was in Tappahannock earlier this week.