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District 15 playoffs coming to a close

Posted on Sunday, July 7, 2013 at 2:19 pm

Major Baseball

Westmoreland and King William will now face-off for the Virginia District 15 Little League Major All-Stars Baseball Championship in Caroline County.

In game one on June 28, Mathews was defeated by Spotsylvania American, 6-1, and King William dropped Northumberland in game three, 9-3. Later in the evening, Westmoreland defeated Lancaster in game two, 7-3, and Essex dropped Caroline in game four, 6-3.

On June 29, Spotsylvania American was dropped by Spotsylvania National in game five, 14-7, and in game seven King William defeated Middlesex, 26-12.

Virginia District 15 Little League

Later on, Richmond County was shut out by Westmoreland, 7-0, in game six, and in game eight King George shut out Essex, 1-0.

On June 30 beginning at 5 p.m., Middlesex eliminated Mathews, in game nine, 10-9, and Northumberland also eliminated Spotsylvania American in 11, 10-3. Also being dropped out of competition was Richmond County falling to Caroline 25-5, and Lancaster being dropped by Essex, 1-0.

Westmoreland went on to drop King William and Spotsylvania National to the elimination bracket around Fourth of July weekend. Westmoreland defeated Spotsylvania National, 4-2, and King William, 8-6, in the semifinals. King William advanced to the semifinals sending King George to the elimination bracket after a 8-3 loss.

But King William bounced back to reach the finals against Westmoreland on June 7. This came after defeating Spotsylvania National 7-2.

On July 1, Middlesex was eliminated by Essex in game 15, 5-1, and Northumberland to Caroline in game 16, 13-2. National went on to also eliminate Essex two days later after a 7-5 loss, and likewise Caroline ousted King George, 11-5. Caroline would later share the same fate falling to Spotsylvania National, 11-3.

Westmoreland and King William advanced to the finals on July 7 for a 5 p.m. start time to game 22 of the tournament. Should King William win a second game will follow at 5 p.m. on July 8 to determine a champion.

The champion will advance to the state all-star tournament in Lynchburg hosted by the Lynchburg Little League.

Junior Baseball

Westmoreland has an opportunity to win the District 15 the Little League Junior All-Stars Baseball Tournament in Middlesex County. But Caroline and King William look to challenge them after an intense two weeks of competition.

In game one on June 28, Spotsylvania defeated Mathews 14-3, but fell to King William 15-3 in game two. Essex was dropped by King William in the next round, 13-3, after defeating King George in game one, 16-1.

In game two, Caroline defeated Middlesex 9-4 and Northumberland 16-4 in game six of the tournament. However in the next round, Westmoreland defeated Caroline 16-13 after also dropping Richmond County  in game four 16-3.

Westmoreland went on to send King William to elimination bracket after a 12-6 loss in the semifinals.

In the elimination bracket, King George and Mathews were both sent home on June 30. Mathews fell to Richmond County, 15-5, in game eight, and Middlesex to King George, 19-8, in game seven.

Caroline stood alone after four days and five teams were eliminated including Middlesex, Spotsylvania, Northumberland, Richmond County and Essex. Northumberland defeated Richmond County, 11-1, but was dropped by Essex 13-6. Essex advanced to the Saturday’s contest to face Caroline, but was eliminated after a 13-10 loss.

Spotsylvania fought their way to play Caroline after defeating Middlesex, 4-3, but found themselves packing for home after a 11-6 loss to Caroline.

King William or Caroline will play on July 7 at 7 p.m. for a shot against Westmoreland in the tournament finals on July 8 at 7 p.m.

Should any team other than Westmoreland win o Monday, a second game will follow on July 9 at 7 p.m. to determine a champion.

The champion will advance to the state all-star tournament in Bristol hosted by the Washington County Little League.

Senior Baseball

Richmond County and Caroline are vying for the 2013 Virginia District 15 Little League Senior All-Stars Baseball title being played at Dream Fields in Lancaster County. This comes after defeating Essex and Mathews in double elimination over the past week.

Caroline managed to win two games to advance to the finals, while Richmond County took the long road winning over Mathews 8-4, falling to Caroline 14-0, and defeating Essex 16-4.

The second loss for Essex came to Caroline, 10-0, and for Mathews to Essex, 6-5.The finals will be played on July 7 at 4 p.m. Should Richmond County win, a second game will follow at 7 p.m.

The champion will advance to the state all-star tournament in Pound hosted by the Pound Little League.


Major Softball

Richmond County and King William will duke it out for the Virginia District 15 the Little League Major All-Stars Softball tournament championship in King George County on July 7 at 5 p.m. Winner advances to the State Playoffs in Leesburg.

In game one, Essex dropped King George, 13-9, and Mathews defeated Westmoreland in game two, 13-0.

On June 29, Lancaster won over Northumberland in game four, 5-4, and Middlesex lost to King William in game three, 23-1. Richmond County went on to defeat Essex, 12-0, in game five and King William 5-0, in game 11.

Mathews fell in the semifinals to Richmond County, 4-2, dropping them to the elimination bracket and the moving the winning team to the finals.

On June 30, Westmoreland and King George were both eliminated in their respective games seven and eight. Middlesex knocked off Westmoreland, 18-1, and Northumberland defeated King George, 8-1.

After three days, King William found themselves in the finals after six teams were eliminated including Northumberland, Spotsylvania, Essex, Middlesex, Lancaster and Mathews. Essex defeated Middlesex 13-7, but fell to Lancaster 6-1; on the other-side of the elimination bracket, Northumberland won over Spotsylvania, 16-7, but was shut out by King William, 5-0.

King William went on to defeat Lancaster 17-6 and Mathews 3-2.

Should King William defeat Richmond County on July 7, a second game will be played that evening at 7 p.m. to determine a champion.

The champion will advance to the state all-star tournament in Leesburg hosted by the Loudoun Girls Softball.

Senior softball

The host team of Mathews will have a chance to win the District 15 Little League Senior All-Stars Softball Tournament Championship for their fans, but will have to defeat Richmond County two times before having that glory on July 7.

Mathews and Richmond County find themselves in a dual after three teams were eliminated from the tournament including Middlesex, Lancaster and King George.

Lancaster found themselves eliminated after falling to Richmond County 2-1 and King George 12-4. Middlesex was dropped by Richmond County, 7-0, and Mathews, 6-2, in the semifinals after they won their only game of the tournament to King George, 4-2.

On July 7, Mathews and Richmond County will play in game eight at 5 p.m. If Mathews should win, the teams will play again in game nine later that evening at 7 p.m.

The champion will advance to the state all-star tournament in Honaker hosted by the Honaker Little League.

Teams receive bids to state playoffs

According to Administrator John Mitchell, of Virginia District 15 Little League, three teams will represent the district in the 2013 Virginia Little League Playoffs.

The 10-11 Softball is being represented by Essex County Little League, Intermediate Baseball being represented by Spotsylvania County; and the Junior Softball Team is being represented by Mathews County.

Essex will be in Tappahannock on July 18, Spotsylvania will travel to Virginia Beach July 12 and Mathews will head to Broadway on July 11.

Editor ’s note: Schedules were published as provided on District 15’s official web site: http://www.eteamz.com/vadistrict15/