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Does Wittman support Todd Adkin?

Posted on Wednesday, August 29, 2012 at 8:07 am

It seems our esteemed Congressman, Rob Wittman is in agreement with Missouri Congressman and Senate candidate Todd Adkin . Yes, that Todd Adkin the Legitimate Rape man. After a little research, it seems Congressman Wittman was a co-sponsor with Congressman Adkin HR3, No Funding for Abortion Act, whose key feature was to insure only woman who have been forcibly or legitimately raped would be allowed to have abortions. I guess the Republicans have a machine, probably similar to their infamous ultra sound wand so prominent in our resent legislature session that can determine legitimate rape. Those experiencing consensual rape, whatever that is, would not be allowed an abortion. Maybe our Congressman should explain the features of Forcible/Legitimate rape so future rapists are sure to conduct their acts in a consensual/illegitimate manner.

Rob it’s time to let us know, if you continue to support Congressman Todd Akins claims.

Dennis McGuire, Mt. Holly