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Editorial: Come back to Montross

Posted on Wednesday, February 6, 2013 at 5:07 am

Beginning Friday, the Greater Montross Partnership for Revitalization will host a three-day pre-Valentine’s Day special event in partnership with downtown merchants. Together, they’re offering tempting specials and incentives to “Come Back to Montross and fall in love all over again.”
The past few years have tested and claimed some small businesses that once flourished.
Yet right now, downtown Montross is an example of innovative and appealing entrepreneurship. It could be that our locals have drawn on the skills and values inherited from our farming heritage to survive lean times.
Whatever the reason, statistics show that shopping and dining locally keep dollars in the local economy and that when businesses are owned and operated by local residents, decision making stays local. For many reasons, shopping local makes sense.
What statistics can’t convey is the unique character of a town. Downtown Montross is an historic area that features some of the same buildings and streets that many of our great-grandparents helped to build.
And after you breeze into a parking space (try that in most any shopping area an hour’s drive away), it brags a walkable district that delivers a range of pleasures including locally-created art, four restaurants, a museum, antiques, a florist and salon, two charming lodging options and more­—even a library.
While it’s true year-round, this weekend reminds us that there are many reasons to “come back to Montross.”

Cesca Waterfield