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Fenced in

Posted on Wednesday, October 24, 2018 at 4:35 pm

According to Superintendent Dr. Michael Perry, site work has begun at the Cople Elementary School solar facility; however, the issue of safety arose at the Westmoreland County School Board meeting. Barbed wire will top off a six-foot tall fence that will surround the facility. After a meeting between Dr. Perry, Principal Steele, and Suntribe Solar, it was decided the side of the fence that was facing the school would not have barbed wire in order to protect the students.

“Ms. Steele was adamant that she did not want to even think about a child getting tangled in barbed wire while trying to climb a fence,” Dr. Perry explained.

Additionally, the east, south, and west parts of the perimeter fence include a 10-foot setback from the property lines, which would allow for lawn mowing and maintaining the area. A gravel road will provide access. Suntribe suggested that the grass in the graveled area be sprayed so as to avert a risk of gravel being blasted loose. If it gets to be a problem, however, the gravel will be removed.

Much like the Dominion solar facility across from A.T. Johnson, the facility built here by Suntribe is expected to be finished around December, with January at the absolute latest, weather permitting.