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Fire department gives back even more

Posted on Tuesday, April 16, 2019 at 1:10 pm

On April 14, Westmoreland County’s Volunteer Fire Department Auxiliary brought people together for an afternoon of fun, games, and eggs. The WVFD Auxiliary Easter Egg Hunt has been going on for the last decade, at the very least, and this year, it was managed by Maryellen Reamy, her first time at the helm.

According to Brenda Reamy, another member of the WVFD Auxiliary, the Easter egg hunt started out as a fundraiser, but eventually turned into something more.

“We realized that we had plenty of other fundraisers going on over the year, so instead we made this event our way of giving back to the community,” she explained.

In this case, giving back to the community involved kids up to 12 years of age looking through patches of a field for plastic Easter eggs, each holding a candy inside.

Before the egg hunt began, there were plenty of other activities as well, ranging from getting a picture taken with the Easter Bunny to coloring in pictures to dyeing eggs.

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Families ran around to collect Easter eggs in the heart of Montross.