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Fire Department responds to fire at Denson’s

Posted on Wednesday, September 5, 2018 at 9:33 am

Colonial Beach Volunteer Fire Department responded to Denson’s Restaurant and R&B Oyster Bar Saturday afternoon after smoke was smelled and then seen in the building.

According to a post on Denson’s Facebook page a carelessly thrown cigarette smoldered in the mulch outside the restaurant. As staff was working in the kitchen they began to smell smoke like you would from smoker barbecue, however, Denson’s has nothing like that on the menu.

Staff then spotted a cloud of smoke in the restaurant. Upon moving some equipment the smoke was seen coming into the restaurant at the floor level.

They called 911 and CBVFD was dispatched immediately. Blaire Denson went outside to look for a source and found where someone had discarded a cigarette into the mulch.

There was no damage to the building and Denson’s was able to continue operating for the day.

Denson’s posted on their Facebook page, “It could have been tragic if it occurred later in the evening after we had cleaned and left the building.”

They also thanked the volunteers of CBVFD for their help and for the time they give to the community.