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Fishing in the Northern Neck

Posted on Tuesday, August 27, 2019 at 4:12 pm

Did you get out over the weekend or one evening and do any fishing? I went up to Smallwood Park in Maryland Friday to watch the weigh in of the FLW Costa Tournament and talk with friends and fellow anglers. Of course, Friday turned out really cool, 66 degrees, and as they came in the ramp, the rain started. I got some great pictures and managed to do some talking before heading home. Saturday, I made the trip back up there, but the weather was amazing. The top 10 anglers had 3 days of changing weather and I had an awesome time just talking fishing. Sunday afternoon I made a quick stop on the way to town and managed to catch a pickerel and 2 small bass. What an amazing weekend full of wonderful memories. Jordan Hoover got out over the weekend and caught an 8 pound Spanish Mackerel in the Potomac River while trolling near Nomini Creek.

The VMRC will meet on Tuesday, August 27th and an emergency proposal to eliminate the take of large striped bass effective for the fall season starting on October 4, 2019. While this is prior to publication, it is too late to include the results. This a huge impact for fishing for trophy striped bass, for charters, and for tournaments, but, our fish are in trouble with a dwindling population and action now may be needed. The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission has a number of proposed management scenarios under consideration to reduce the overfishing of striped bass. They are hosting a series of public comment sessions, with one being September 9th at the Virginia Marine Resources Commission in Hampton and September 10th at the Potomac River Fisheries in Colonial Beach. These will be regulations for the entire Eastern Atlantic striped bass territory.

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Jordan Hoover showing off his catch over Nomini.