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Fishing in the Northern Neck

Posted on Wednesday, September 4, 2019 at 11:45 am

Did you get out over the long holiday weekend or one evening and do any fishing? I managed to make a quick stop on Monday afternoon and do a little fishing. I managed to catch two small bass on a Texas rigged worm. They weren’t big, but it’s not always about how big they are. An early deadline doesn’t allow me to share my adventures over the weekend, but getting outdoors is in my plans as much as possible.

The big news is that the striped bass emergency regulations adopted by the Virginia Marine Resources Commission on Tuesday August 27th that changes the daily limit for the fall fishing season to just one fish daily per person. It also restricts the size of the fish to 20 to 36 inches. On the commercial side, the commission implemented fishing net maximum mesh size limits of 9 inches for the coast and 7 inches in the bay. This a change, as the state previously had no restrictions on mesh size. There will be a public hearing at the commission’s September 24 meeting.

There are still plenty of Spanish mackerel available throughout the bay region. Trolling with spoons is still the most productive method. Cobia anglers are reporting good catches in the mouth of the Rappahannock River and around Windmill Point. The spot bite is increasing daily around the White Stone Bridge area. The catfish are hungry and aggressive. Cut bait or live shad are the preferred baits, especially around the Downing Bridge and the deep holes around it.

The bass are becoming more active as the nights get longer and the temperatures drop. They are hitting crankbaits worked down the dropoffs adjacent to the grassbeds and brushpiles. Plastic worms and creature baits along with a jig-n-pig are good choices off the points. Early morning and late evening are prime times for a topwater bait. A spinnerbait worked up the shallows is also a great choice at any time of the day. A Carolina rigged big plastic worm dragged across the bottom in deeper water is a good way to find some huge bass.

Weather is one of things we can not control. And a hurricane is one of the most dangerous things in weather. Florida is bracing for Hurricane Dorian over the holiday weekend. The forecasters can not predict exactly how it will act and as of this writing, where it might land. And they can not predict just what it may do after it hits. While my prayers are with them and my family in Florida, we also must be prepared in case it turns or in case it does as some have predicted and come our way after it hits Florida. As of now, it is expected that our weekend may be a very wet one. Before you head out, check with the official weather station to see what may be headed our way. Be smart and be safe, live to fish another day.

If you get to go fishing one afternoon or this coming weekend, take some pictures. I want to see the fun and share it here for everyone to see just how beautiful the Northern Neck is for fishing. Send your pictures, fishing reports, questions or comments, to FishingtheNorthernNeck@yahoo.com. This column is about and for you and fishing in the Northern Neck. Remember, “Do yourself a favor, take a kid fishing.” Make a memory to last a lifetime!