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Flock of Eagles earn team conference title

Posted on Wednesday, November 6, 2013 at 1:10 pm

Rising long distance runners look to lead the future of Conference 43 as three underclassmen and two teams captured their respective titles on Wednesday in Montross.

At the first-ever Conference 43 Cross Country Championships, individuals were crowned in the boys, girls and development races, and four teams including

The W&L Boys Cross Country collected their ninth team award since 2005 including five district titles and three runners-up awards.

The W&L Boys Cross Country collected their ninth team award since 2005 including five district titles and three runners-up awards.

several qualifiers will now advance to the Region 1A East Championships on Nov. 7 at Eastern State Hospital in Williamsburg.

The Rappahannock County Girls Team and Boys Team from Washington & Lee will lead the conference at the regional championships. Both teams were crowned conference champions. In the boys’ race, W&L scored 33 points followed by Lancaster with 46, Rappahannock County with 48 and Northumberland with 109. Rappahannock County led the girls with  score of 33 points followed by Northumberland with 60, Lancaster with 63, W&L with 65. Neither team from Essex had enough runners to place.

Freshman Julia Wood and sophomore Gavin Jenkins, who represented Rappahannock County, were named top finishers in their respective events.

This was the first meeting for the Northern Neck teams and runners from Rappahannock County High School following the Virginia High School League expanded from three classifications to six.

The sophomore is also the defending 1600-meter state champion.

Earlier in the day, sophomore Patrick Kelley, of Lancaster was named the first place finisher in the developmental race. He joined the team three weeks ago after finishing the high school golf season.

“Three weeks later I’m here winning the JV Conference,” Kelley said excited about the accomplishment. He said he plans to continue running in the future.

At the end of the day, James Sharpe, of the Rappahannock County Girls Team, and Cole Vanover, of the Washington & Lee Boys Team took home the conference coaches of the year awards.

“They just have a really good culture of running with the girls team. They’ve really been building each other up and great to have them all,” Sharpe said.

Vanover felt the same way as Sharpe stating that their runners earned the honor. It was a tough regular season battling injuries, Vanover explained, but those runners who needed to step up to win the conference championship did so.

“The coach of the year award is a team award and nothing I can brag about. If it weren’t for them I wouldn’t be excited or have this or motivated to do anything really, but they do make it really easy,” Vanover said.

This is the ninth team award for the W&L Boys Cross Country Team has received since 2005 including five district titles and three runner-up awards.

Cole said the top six teams and top 10 finishers outside of the qualifying teams will advance to the Group 1A State Cross Country Championships at the Great Meadow in the Plains on Nov. 16. Girls at 1 p.m. followed by the boys at 1:45 p.m.


Boys Conference 43 Race Results

1-Gavin Jenkins-17:29 (RAPPCO), 2-Ronnie Cutler -17:52 (LANC), 3-Hasan Gill-18:06 (W&L), 4-Alec Westall-18:07 (W&L), 5-Jacob Daiger-18:13 (W&L), 6-Sean Jones-18:18 (LANC), 7-Armit Tamang-18:23 (RAPPCO), 8-Weston Schomer-18:47 (LANC), 9-Thomas Rust-18:50 (W&L), 10-Evan Hitt-19:08 (RAPPCO), 11-Billy Pipkin-19:11 (NORTH), 12-Jeremy Saunders-19:21 (W&L), 13-Tanner Steensma-19:22 (LANC), 14-Shane L’Amoreaux-19:41 (RAPPCO), 15-Mac Smith-19:53 (NORTH), 16-Justin Ramey-19:54 (RAPPCO), 17-Kyle Bennet-20:06 (LANC), 18-Zach Bowen-20:14  (W&L), 19-Moses Oviedo-20:21 (W&L), 20-Tim Rollins-20:30 (ESSX), 21-Iain Barclay-20:44 (ESSX), 22-Travis Boyd-20:46 (LANC), 23-David LeReau-20:52 (ESSX), 24-Dylan Hitt-21:23 (RAPPCO), 25-Beau Nickerson-22:17 (LANC), 26-Nathan Kiss-22:33 (NORTH), 27-Evan Marcus-22:37 (RAPPCO), 28-Patrick McKenney-23:01 (NORTH), 29-Joey Gaskins-23:09 (NORTH), 30-Charles English-23:57 (NORTH) and 31-Jared Yocum-25:22 (ESSX)


Girls Conference 43 Race Results

1-Julia Wood-19:40 (RAPPCO), 2-Kathryn Beddoo-20:44 (W&L), 3-Mary Frere-21:07 (LANC),  4-Emily Allen-21:12 (RAPPCO), 5-Trinity Bea-21:17 (NORTH),6-Sarah Schindler-22:04 (NORTH), 7-Emma Endre-23:13 (RAPPCO), 8-Emma Oliver-23:18 (W&L), 9-Corinna Ireland-23:26 (LANC), 10-Kayla McGhee-23:32 (RAPPCO), 11-Lily Endre-23:34 (RAPPCO),12-Vilisha Waller-23:56 (LANC), 13-India Eguiguren-24:13 (NORTH), 14-Serena Thompson-24:37 (W&L),15-Elizabeth Robertson-24:57 (LANC), 16-Kathryn Fisher-25:07 (RAPPCO), 17-Bridgette McLaughlin-25:14 (NORTH), 18-Kelsie Strobel-25:16 (RAPPCO), 19-Emily Sprague-25:55 (NORTH), 20-Lauren Ficklin-26:04 (W&L), 21-Claire Whitman-26:17 (W&L), 22-Carrie Minor-26:18 (W&L), 23-Kayla Payne-26:26 (W&L), 24-Dazah Davenport-26:55 (LANC),25-Mary Trant Tippett-27:02 (LANC), 26-Moira Hull-27:19 (LANC), 27-Kate French-27:40 (ESSX), 28-Mercedes Fortune-28:09 (ESSX), 29-Brittany Hendrickson-31:57 (NORTH) and 30-Taylor Davis-36:19 (ESSX)


JV Conference 43 Race results

1-Patrick Kelley -20:39 (LANC), 2-Anthony Martinez-21:13 (W&L), 3-Jamie Garland-21:17 (W&L), 4-Will Filkoski-21:27 (W&L), 5-Jake Demory-21:35 (RAPPCO), 6-Denzel Mitchell-22:12 (NORTH), 7-Lucas Wysznski-22:15 (W&L), 8-William Gill-22:18 (LANC)9-Rain Equiguren-22:18.5  (NORTH), 10-Matt Squires-22:19 (W&L), 11-Anthony Jones-22:19.5 (W&L), 12-Lucas Smith-22:24 (NORTH), 13-Ethan McNamara-22:25 (W&L), 14-Michael McGrath-22:25.5 (LANC), 15-Wyatt McCranie -22:33 (LANC), 16-Nick Green-23:27.5 (LANC), 17-Silas French-23:28 (ESSX), 18-John Richardson-23:32 (LANC), 19-Cole Bristow-24:09 (ESSX), 20-Kevin Croasdale-24:18 (LANC), 21-Khadijay Bea-24:28 (NORTH), 22-Lily Elsner-24:42 (RAPPCO), 23-N. MacManus-25:04 (LANC), 24-Katelyn Fisher-25:05 (RAPPCO), 25-James MacLeod -25:05.5 (RAPPCO), 26-Alex Green-25:09 (LANC), 27-Rita Clifton-25:33 (RAPPCO), 28-Gracie Taylor-25:45 (W&L), 29-Sara Garcia-26:36 (RAPPCO), 30-Ashley Roberts-27:22 (NORTH), 31-Taylor Ordile-27:28 (RAPPCO), 32-Lorena Luna-27:30 (W&L), 33-Mary Thompson-28:07 (W&L), 34-Perla Medina-32:11 (W&L), 35-Megan Squires-33:16 (W&L) and 36-Emma Ondovcik-35:12  (W&L)