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Gordon’s Pet Shop: The Northern Neck’s place for pets

Posted on Wednesday, November 7, 2018 at 10:10 am

At Gordon’s Pet Store in Warsaw, Gavin Rogers is trying to carry on a family tradition in the age of Internet shopping.

His parents owned Driftwood Aquatics in Tappahannock before it burned down. After the incident, they decided to retire but within a month Rogers was rebuilding the business on Richmond Road.

“When we first opened, it was not like most stores where they come in and stock everything then open the doors. It was more like, ‘hey, we have three items on the shelf, do you want to come look?’ And we have kept building and building and building over the past five years,” Rogers said.

Today, the shop has animals ranging from fish, hamsters, and rabbits to birds, lizards, and snakes. And if the store sells the animal, you’ll generally also be able to get the items you need to take care of that animal right there.

Rogers is the type who’s concerned about what happens to animals after they’re sold: “You don’t get anything from the store without getting a briefing on how to take care of it.” And because he feels so strongly about doing his part to ensure the animals’ long-term welfare, he will not sell certain things. “Life is too uncertain to sell anything that’s too big or too demanding,” he said.

The shop is named after Gordon, an 80-pound tortoise who was the only animal to survive the fire. At 60 years old, Gordon lives at the shop and oversees day-to-day operations alongside Rogers and his other pets who also reside there.

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This pet store is named after their 60 year-old tortoise.