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Grant awarded to help restore historic home

Posted on Tuesday, November 26, 2019 at 11:11 am

Historic Wilton is being restored by its new owner David Bostic.

Located on Wilton Road and on Jackson Creek, Wilton is a 2½-story brick home built in 1742 by Richard Jackson. Dated from dendrochronology by Camille Wells, it is one of only about four surviving 18th-century brick houses in Westmoreland County.

Wilton is situated on a 1,000 acre grant made in 1651 that was assumed by the very wealthy Maryland planter, Thomas Gerard in 1663. One of his daughters married John Washington, great-grandfather of George Washington. Gerard built one house there and probably two others were soon added. The present house is built on one of the 17th-century structures and incorporates some of its walls.

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Wilton as it looked in the year 2000.