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Hard to catch defending champs

Posted on Tuesday, October 30, 2012 at 11:59 pm

The defending district champion cross country teams from Washington & Lee swept the competition earlier in the year and did so again during the 2012 Northern Neck District Championship last Wednesday.

On Oct. 24, the boys’ and girls’ cross-country teams from Washington & Lee defended their district titles finishing first in their respective championships.

Washington & Lee’s Boys and Girls Cross Country Teams defended their district titles winning another last week in Montross. Bottom photos, from left, is Hudson Hutt and Kathryn Beddoo finishing first in their respective races.

This achievement also marked the third straight district title for the boys’ team.

Cross Country: Northern Neck District Meet at Washington & Lee—Boys: W&L 23, Lancaster 34, Northumberland 96, Essex 99; Girls: W&L 21, Lancaster 45 and Essex 71. Northumberland did not have enough runners to score as a team.

W&L was led by top male and female finishers Beddoo and Hudson Hutt. Ronnie Cutler and Elizabeth Flinn led Lancaster; Tim Rollins and Courtney Smith led Essex; and Tanner Cralle and Sarah Schindler led Northumberland.

In the girls’ race, Washington & Lee’s team won with 21 points followed by Lancaster with 45 points and Essex with 71 points.

In the boys’ race, Washington & Lee’s team won with 23 points followed by Lancaster with 34 points, Northumberland with 96 points and Essex with 99 points.

“Yesterday was the perfect storm for us, we had three individual winners, and two team championships.  For the boys to win three championships in a row is amazing,” said W&L Boys Coach Cole Vanover. “Someone asked me how, and the one common denominator for our success, is hard work. None of these wins have come easy, we’ve worked for them.”

“We beat a real tough Lancaster team who will be really tough to beat again,” Vanover added. “These boys better take a step back and look at what they been able to accomplish, it’s rare what they’ve accomplished. We now move on to Williamsburg with the hopes of competing for a Regional Title.”

All four teams are expected to compete in the Region A Championship at Eastern State Mental Hospital on Nov. 1. The Group A State Championships on Nov. 12 at Great Meadow, The Plains.

Girls Results


ESSX—5-Courtney Smith-23:26, 23-Kate French-31:33, 22-Rachel McMahon-29:54, 20-Ember Dispirito-28:37, 21-Gabrielle Tignor-29:39, 24-Taylor Davis-35:57, 24-Taylor Davis-35:57, 16-Sarah Ipson-27:49


LANC—4-Elizabeth Flynn-23:02, 12-Elizabeth Robertson-26:25, 11-Nikki Stump-25:30, 19-Dazah Davenport-28:35, 15-Katie Cromer-27:15, 13-Moira Hull-27:12 and 17-Nell Carter-28:04


NUMB—2-Sarah Schindler-22.24, 7-India Eguiguren-24:22, 14-Rashauna Carter-27:14


W&LE—1-Kathryn Beddoo-21:40, 3-Emma Oliver-22:49, 8-Anna Sisson-24:33, 6-Taylor Lewis-23:59, 9-Serena Thompson-24:43, 18-Rachel Pegelow-28:05 and 10-Lidia Cardenas-25:05


Boys Results


ESSX—15-J. Morris-22:43, 17-Brandon Owens-20:07, 23-Dante Mitchell-20:50, 20-David LaReu-20:36, 27-Edwin Mesa-22:44, 14-Timothy Rollins-19:53, 25-James Dispirito-22:28 and 26-Iain Barclay-22:37


LANC—2-Ronnie Cutler-18:12, 4-Nick Whay-18:43, 11-Sam Friday-19:25, 10-Weston Schomer-19:21, 13-Sean Jones-19:44, 15-Alex Alderks-19:55,


NUMB—16-Tanner Gralle-20:03, 18-Dominic Scerbo-20:28, 19-William Pipkin-20:29, 22-Mark Smith-20:49, 21-Max Massaro-20:40, 24-Aaron Curry-20:50 and 28-Joey Gaskins-23:11.


W&LE—5-Moses Oviedo-18:57, 1-Hudson Hutt-18:09, 8-Jacob Daiger-19:12, 6-Zach Bowen-18:59, 9-Emmanuel Valdez-19:17, 3-Hasan Gill-18:22, 12-James Snider-19:42



Developmental Race Results


ESSX—20-DeAira Harvey-25:07, 21-Megan Smith-25:10, 21-A. Kemp-33:47 and 33-Mercedes Fortune-33:50, 15-Cole Bristow-24:37, 18-Tristan Edwards-24:49, 27-Jonathan Hammond-27:46, 22-Jared Yocum-25:42 and 25-Nolan Dispirito-26:53


LANC—11-Vilisha Waller-23:19, 2-Kyle Nemmet-21:17, 10-Grant Long-23:16, 7-Beau Nickerson-22:38, 26-Bradley Hudson-27:00, 8-Travis Boyd-22:40, 12-Devin Smith-24:03, 14-Kevin Thomas-24:34, 32-Bra Schomer-27:15, 30-Virginia Tippett-30:36, 37-Danielle Menzies-36:12, 16-Michael McGrath-24:38 and 29-Nash McMahus-30:25


NUMB—4-Trinity Bea-22:09, 5-Lucas Smith-22:20, 13-Nathan Kiss-24:04, 17- John McKenney-24:41 and 19-Benner English-25:00


1-Alec Westall-19:51, 2-Sergei Minor-22:05, 6-Will Filkoski-22:50, 9-Jennifer Broglin-23:11, 23-Lucas Wyszynski-25:46. 24-Miquella Snider-25:49,  28-Natalie Carpenter-27:59, 31-Melissa Johnson-30:54, 32-Kayla Payne-31:24, 20-M. Thompson-33:42, 24-L. Luna-34:54, 25-N. Davis-35:05, 26-G. Wyszynski-35:54, 33-Gracie Taylor-31:51, 34-Emily McGuiness-32:22, 36-Lorena Luna-25:24 38-Chi Clayton-39:40 and 39-Emily Morgan-40:07