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Hynson has a love of the land

Posted on Friday, April 4, 2014 at 4:00 pm

Driving through Board of Supervisor Woody Hynson’s Leedstown farm is Rockwellian in the sense of an idyllic community farm complete with several older yet fully functioning pick-up trucks, a few clean and well maintained Ford tractors and of course, a dog.hynson

“Brick Row” is complete with a home on the property that sits empty until needed and parts of broken equipment along with an older shed; this is what a family farm should look like.

Added to the rustic scenery is Woody’s ‘man cave’ that holds the history of hard work and many hours of socializing with people that range from a lowly reporter to folks that hold a high position within the state of Virginia and beyond.

Many a good hunt starts in this cave that doubles as a large storage area. One gets the impression if a neighboring farmer needed a tractor part, Woody would have it on hand.

Brick Row is the farm Woody’s grandfather paid $300 (about $3,500 in today’s dollars) for the first 114 acres to grow corn, soybeans and wheat but since then, the farm has grown to a total of 353 acres.