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‘I’m just as good as the other guys’

Posted on Tuesday, October 30, 2012 at 11:59 pm

Having a youth football championship and then a high school JV regular season title are not bad credentials to have on your resume when trying out as rising football player.

At the end of fall season last year, now-freshman Brittany Singleton, was celebrating with her youth football team as the Rappahannock River Varsity Super Bowl Champions.

Colonial Beach’s freshman Brittany Singleton took on the football players of the Northern Neck this season and lives to tell the tale. Pictured on her right is brother and senior Mark Singleton.

But this past season, she stepped on the football field as one of the very few females to play football at Colonial Beach. The most recent was Brittany Devers in the early 2000s.

“Everybody pushed me into it and thought I would be good at it,” said Singleton. “I really don’t play any other sports other than softball and I just wanted to try out.”

Her interest started after watching her brother, senior Mark and dad Dave Singleton playing in the yard at home. She soon landed in the youth football league. Two years later, she is taking reps with the high school football players.

But during training before the season Singleton was modest and quiet. Her actions on the field would have to speak for her, according to the coaching staff.

“It’s surprising. You are concerned a little bit, but you have to let her try,” said varsity head coach Scott Foster. “But she has to do to the same work. Run, shift and she’s got to hit. If I put her in a game, it’s not like the other team is going to say ‘don’t hit her’ or ‘don’t block her.’ She’s got to the same work that everybody has got to do.”

Singleton was already familiar with Foster and the coaching staff from Colonial Beach’s Youth Football organization. She played two years and was a starting center on the superbowl varsity championship team in 2011.

This fall she joined the junior varsity team and was destined to play some tough competition from around the region. Singleton said earlier she was prepared for it thanks to youth football.

“They all bullied me because I was the only girl, but after a couple of months it was good,” Singleton said.

Watching from afar and giving her advice at home was Mark, the older brother who is playing in his final season. When it comes to giving advice, Mark said he tries to make her better and she is receptive of the remarks.

“It’s pretty good at home, I just point out things to her that she could do better,” Mark Singleton said.

From bench presses to conditioning exercises, Brittany said she started this summer working out with her brother in the basement of their home. Her work paid off when she made the JV team this season. The team went 7-1 only losing to King George.

At the beginning of the season, Singleton said she wasn’t sure if she would play afterwards, but after the JV team won the regular season district title her thoughts have changed.

“At first I was a little scared because I think everybody was big, but after a while it became fun,” Singleton said. “I like football, it’s different.”

Singleton said she plans to play football again, but until that time she will prepare for softball in the spring.

When asked if football players should ignore her because she is a female, Singleton said, ‘no, because I’m just as good as the other guys.”