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Kevin Sparks: A ‘spark’ in local sports radio

Posted on Tuesday, March 5, 2013 at 8:41 pm

Kevin Sparks (left) is taking over the airwaves as one of the newest radio personalities on the Internet. Next to Sparks is co-host Marcus Washington.

The art behind of analyzing sports and athletes among fans has attracted quite a hit listeners to NTNRadio.com’s Sports Syndicate. In fact with the recent success of the show, co-host and Colonial Beach native Kevin “Sully” Sparks is reaping the awards.

“I think the concept of the show is what people really like,” said Sparks. “Analysts will throw a million and one stats at you, but we’re just two guys who like talking about sports.”

“Listening to our show makes people feel like they are sitting next to us in a bar at happy hour and everybody is just talking about sports,” Sparks added. “It’s just two guys with their opinions on sports and we sit down to have a conversation for two hours.”

Sparks time on air began when he was at the right place at the right time. Soon-to-be co-host Marcus “Mook” Washington reached out to him before the show initially began, but Sparks was reluctnat to start considering the demand the show would require between finding sponsors and development.

“I was a little hesitatant, but it was something I always wanted to do. I just figured this was my opportunity so I should give it a shot,” Sparks said.

The co-host of the Sports Syndicate said the duo have done at least six shows thus far including interviews with pro tackle Brandon Albert, Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller and some top of the nation’s top journalists and analysts.

“The response we got after our fifth show has even incredible and nothing we ever expected for it to be so young,” Sparks said. “I would just to see it [the show] go as far as it can.”

Sparks is a 2004 graduate of Colonial Beach High School where he became an award winning lineman on the football team. He then played two seasons at Bridgewater College before sustsaining a knee injury. Sparks went on to graduate in 2008 and major in business management and minor in marketing.

He then returned to his college and high school to coach for  a couple of years.

“I’m still very involved and support that community,” Sparks said. “And they’re down there supporting me with the radio.”

The show and other similar shows can be heard online at www.ntnradio.com on Mondays from 8-10 p.m. Listeners are also encouraged to submit questions and comments online for the hosts and guests.