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Kinsale man charged with felony abduction

Posted on Wednesday, July 25, 2018 at 9:43 am

The case of Joseph Washington, of Kinsale, who has been charged with felony abduction, strangulation, assault, and extortion in writing, will go before a grand jury on July 27.

According to the alleged victim, whom Washington had been dating since December of 2017, he entered her home on April 8 to discuss various issues they were having. When she told him that she wanted to break off the relationship, she said he became violent.

The victim claims that Washington put his arm across her throat and attempted to pin her to her living room wall. The struggle continued through several rooms of the house, and resulted in the destruction of her phone when it was stomped on, she reported.

At one point, the victim said that Washington unsuccessfully tried to block her exit from the house, but she managed to escape to her car.

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