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Lady Drifters end season on a high note

Posted on Wednesday, February 19, 2014 at 3:35 pm

The Lady Drifters were home to play the Lady Raiders on Feb 11. The Lady Drifters came into this game undefeated in the Conference and they wanted to keep their streak alive. The different defensive strategies [full court, half court, man to man, zone] that coach Dickerson employs is made to disrupt their opponent’s offense. They are able to change defenses from possession to possession because of the team’s ability to adapt athletically; they swarm to the ball. The Lady Drifters won the game (44-25). The scoring was led by Sydni Carey (13), Alexia Wilson (12), Deniya Newman (10), Billie Gould (5), Emily Parks and Kenae Cox (2). Next on the Lady Drifters’ agenda is the Conference tournament

Denya Newman starts the Lady Drifters offense.

Denya Newman starts the Lady Drifters offense.