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Letters to the Editor: Oct. 17, 2012

Posted on Tuesday, October 16, 2012 at 11:59 pm

Seven ways to start the economy

Human Events had a very good article on our need to increase private sector jobs and become energy independent.  The energy companies try to comply with EPA regulations, but cannot keep up with the sudden changes in the rules by executive order.

The Romney  job  recovery starts with Energy.

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Coal Plants are being closed when we have made great strides with clean coal.  Many miners have been put out of work, 1,200 in Virginia a few weeks ago. Half of the nation’s electricity comes from coal and is the least expensive.  We have wasted taxpayer money on failed solar plants especially when they need back-up power.   .  For every megawatt hour of wind energy generated, the tax payer pays $56 compared to 64 cents for coal-fired or natural gas-fired generation.

The aftermath of Fukushima nuclear industry has stepped up safety measures and nuclear is a low carbon alternative.  With American ingenuity I would bet that there will be a discovery on how to reuse those spent rods.  There is no reason not to safely use caves for storage.

We need the abundant oil supplies that Alaska offers and is no danger to wildlife. Caribou actually seek shelter and warmth from the pipelines.  The drilling area in Alaska is the size of Dulles Airport in a state bigger than Texas and several other states combined.  Off shore drilling is safer here than in other countries.    Why should we support countries that are not our friends and whose products have to be shipped here?

Ethanol at the 15% level will destroy marine engines and most cars, even newer ones and is less energy efficient.  This has also raised the price of corn for the food supply.

Regulators in New York determined that “no significant adverse  impact to water resources is likely to occur” due to hydraulic fracturing.  This could be a tremendous source of oil and gas.

Vote for Mitt Romney and get the economy going again.  President Coolidge said “the business of America is business”.  It still is.


Joan Blackstone  

White Stone

Alumni game was a win-win 


What a pleasure it was to have been invited to announce the alumni football game during homecoming.  Watching some of my former student-athletes back in action from the “Old School” and “New School” teams made this old bird’s heart soar like an eagle.  Although some (most?) of the fellas had gained some weight, none were able to shed their former spirits and personalities–as far back as 1982–since we all came up together at W&L.

Indeed, from the press box, it was evident to me that some things have remained the same after all these years.  Marquis Gray was still doing flips in the end zone just like under those friday night lights; David Hackett was still dodging and weaving his way through traffic at break-neck speed just like he did in the halls; Ralph “Redman” Smith and Robert “Pam-Pam” Garner still with the same big smiles that charmed both of them through most classes (except mine); Kenny Mitchel, still the warrior; and yes, Anthony “Baby-T” Parker still talkin’ trash…just to name a few.

Thank you Rose Kelly-Taylor and other organizers for a great, nostalgic afternoon.


Scott Duprey

(aka Coach D.)



Thanks to the volunteers

For your hours of hard work and commitment we thank you. Our Festival was a success and you made it possible; you made it work.

Check here: www.montrossvirginiafestivals.com for winners, photos and the winning recipe from apple pie contest.


Fall Festival Steering Committee





Decision maker needed in the White House


We’ve tried charisma and inexperience for the last four years and it has achieved little for us but promises which can’t be kept, crushing national debt and loss of international respect. Now it is time for competence and proven managerial ability, without foreign apology.

Clearly the Obama administration is dead in the water, bereft of new ideas and unable to turn the economy around. It has pursued a legislative agenda so far to the left as to make effective compromise impossible in the Congress leading to paralysis in our government. He has embraced extreme social policies such as gay marriage which offend people of all religious faiths.

Obama has lacked the courage to tell the American people the truth about the perilous state of our nation’s finances. His promises are based on endless borrowed money. He pretends that “taxing the rich” can be an easy solution when that won’t come close to closing the deficit. In

essence he is trying to buy your vote through a massive fraud. The solutions he proposes constitute a mere drop in the bucket compared to the size of the problem.

Governor Romney brings to this crisis an abundance of experience as governor of a major state. As a businessman his specialty was turning around failing companies.

He applied this experience is rescuing the Salt Lake City Olympics from corruption and failure, proving his business experience is applicable in the public sector.

Governor Romney is the man we need now as President, a man with the courage to make the hard decisions, a man with the leadership abilities to restore American confidence, rebuild our economy and run our government with businesslike prudence and efficiency.

Please join me in voting for Mitt Romney for President.


Robert R. Fountain,
Westmoreland County Republican Committee chairman, Montross