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Letters to the Editor: Oct. 24, 2012

Posted on Tuesday, October 23, 2012 at 11:59 pm

Ferman Dixon: A remembrance

Through your esteemed newspaper, we are honored to express our thoughts concerning Ferman E. Dixon.  We lost Ferman on Oct. 4,  and even though this is a low point of our lives and a devastating loss to our community, we know he is in heaven.  His life on earth and now in death encompasses purpose, concern and hope.  A gentleman with honest words, integrity and persistent determination.

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While growing up in Westmoreland County in the early 1970s, everywhere I went I heard the name Ferman Dixon.  From the comments and prior to meeting him, my impression of him was both impressive and interesting to say the least.  My personal expectation of him rose to a level that I never experienced before with anyone.  At age 15, I had the privilege of meeting this incredible man and he far exceeded my expectations. He approached me, extended his hand and hugged me at the same time.  He called me by my first name, told me where I lived and described my parents.  After that encounter, I felt honored, appreciated and important. This is what he did to you; he had a way about him that made you feel good about yourself.  From this point forward we developed a close relationship.

In 1975 and at his encouragement, I began to work with him at the Westmoreland Rescue Squad and the push began.  I started running calls, attending special events, and helping out around the building. He enrolled me in an EMT Class and assisted my parents in getting me to and from classes. Based on his persistence, I assisted officers in an effort to learn processes, functioned as a Lieutenant and was elected President in 1981.

Under Ferman’s leadership as Captain, the Westmoreland Rescue Squad continued to set the benchmark for EMS Agencies by becoming one of a few squads in the state and second in the Northern Neck / Middle Peninsula to achieve Advanced Life Support designation. The squad established innovative processes to provide outstanding services to the citizens with the creation of a Rapid Response Vehicle and substations. Ferman will forever remain a forefather of EMS in Westmoreland County.

I remain both intrigued and impressed about the formation of the Westmoreland Rescue Squad in 1965 during the peak of poor race relations and the positive impact of changing the mind set of narrow minded prejudice thinking.

In closing, I love Ferman and told him this both privately and at a public event. Expressing this was important to me and I think God for giving me the opportunity.  My heritage was made possible by Ferman and the Squad for which I appreciate everyday.  They say in life we will meet thousands of people and only a handful will influence our lives, Ferman is number one in my life and I will maintain his legacy in my heart for the remainder of my life.

Joey and Sherry King



Obama, Romney, not our only choices Nov. 6

I’m willing to bet that most of you reading this are, deep down, rather disappointed in our political system these days.

Unfortunately, only a fraction of voters this year will actually be casting their ballot for a candidate that represents them as a whole.  This is mostly because the mainstream media has not afforded the American public with the facts that are necessary to make an educated decision.

Because of this, herds of Obama and Romney supporters will flock blindly to the polls on Election Day without really knowing what they are voting for except for the fact that they don’t want the other guy to win.  This is not how the electoral system should be treated.

I challenge you to set aside your moral convictions and social issues for this election year.  It is perfectly healthy to be passionate about things such as abortion and marriage equality, but these ideas are nowhere near as important as the one question looming amongst most of us.  What is happening to our economy?

Don’t be fooled – the recession is not over.  Our federal budget deficit is $1.1 trillion dollars and the national debt at just over $16 trillion.  Neither Governor Romney nor president Obama has proposed a budget plan that will reduce those numbers anytime soon.  What you may not know is that there is a candidate running that has.  His name is Gary Johnson and he is our only hope.

As governor of New Mexico, he balanced the state budget and was responsible for an 11.6 percent job-growth rate – the best in the country.  He understands that we must significantly reduce our spending in order to achieve a balanced-budget.  Johnson says we can achieve this by reforming entitlement programs, slashing our defense spending, and ending the Department of Education.  He also supports a federal consumption tax which would require everyone, including illegal immigrants, to pay taxes based what they spend, not monies earned.  Sounds pretty rational, right?

But you haven’t heard of him.  Why?  Because people have been more concerned for their hatred of the main candidates running to realize they’ve had a better option all along.

The notion that we must vote for the lesser of two evils is an idea that we must abandon.  Otherwise, nothing will ever change.  Though Governor Johnson will not win this election, his support is growing amongst the American people for he truly represents the majority of us.  Casting your ballot for him will force people to take notice of the issues that really matter. If this happens, 2016 will mark the start of rebuilding our country.

On Nov. 6, I’m voting for liberty and for the American dream that we have lost along the way.  The only vote wasted is for one you do not believe in and I intend to make mine count.


Holly Winebarger

Oak Grove


Reunion reports success

We, the class of 1962, sincerely thank everyone who attended and celebrated with us all including participants, families, county leaders and supporters.

The following businesses were patrons of our 50th Reunion: Angelo’s Pizza, Bridget’s Boutique, Carrot Cottage, Food Lion in Montross, Halls Supermarket in Colonial Beach, Ingelside Winery, the Inn at Montross, Northern Neck Chevrolet, WalMart in King George and Tappahannock, Winter Harbor in Oak Grove and Yesterdays in Montross.

The committee also wishes to thank Union Bank in Montross and Warsaw, EVB Bank in Tappahannock, Northern Neck Building Supply, Weldon Fisher Funeral Home, Northern Neck Inn, Northern Neck Electric and the Westmoreland Museum.


Everlyn Swann, Member of the Reunion Steering Committee