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Local artist celebrates 97 years

Posted on Wednesday, January 18, 2017 at 10:00 am

EbbieHynsonandJoePriceInstead of one of her many flowered hats, Ebbie Hynson wore a flower pinned in her hair at her 97th birthday celebration at JarretThor Gallery in Colonial Beach.
Hynson is a long-time artist who works mainly in oils with a focus on landscapes, portraits, and her idea paintings. All of her work has a story behind it and if you are willing to listen she’ll tell you, in detail, what the stories are.
When you think of the term artist, Hynson is often what comes to mind. Eccentric with her own sense of style and a devotion to her art that shows through her work, she is the epitome of a dedicated artist. You can see in each painting that she puts part of herself into them.
Ebbie and her husband moved to Colonial Beach in 1982, however, they visited on the weekends for many years prior. When they first married he wanted to move her to the Playground on the Potomac, but Hynson declared herself a city girl who would have nothing to do.
They lived in Washington, D.C., where they both worked, visiting on weekends, with Ebbie dragging her sketchbook with her. Hynson’s artwork began with pastels until someone gave her oils to work with.
She laughingly said it took her some time to learn how to use them, but use them she did. While, she doesn’t boast of her work, she has displayed in many places including having a portrait of President Bill Clinton and Vice-President Al Gore in place at the Virginia Democratic Party headquarters.
That isn’t her only portrait of a Democratic politician, in fact a portrait of Senator Mark Warner graces JarrettThor during this current show of her’s. A life-long devoted Democrat who worked tirelessly for the Westmoreland Democrats was graced with a visit from Sam Louise Taylor, who is a Regional Director for Warner, at her 97th birthday celebration.
Colonial Beach’s new mayor, Eddie Blunt, was there to cut the cake for Hynson as well as tell her that he rememebered former Mayor Rummage’s promise to Ebbie that there will be fireworks off the town pier for her 100th birthday in 2020.
Maestro Joe Price lead the singing of “Happy Birthday” to Ebbie as she smiled and blew out the candles after quipping, “You didn’t put 97 of them on there? Worried about the fire?”
Hyson’s work will remain on display through January 22nd and are available for purchase. The tribute to Barbara Kohn is also still on display at the gallery.
Second Friday Art Walks are hosted by the Colonial Beach Artists’ Guild every month. They start at 6:00 PM and run through 8 or 9 depending on which gallery it is at. All are invited to the free event.

Suzy Pietras-Smith is a Westmoreland News correspondent.