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Making history

Posted on Tuesday, March 5, 2019 at 4:45 pm

Two Northumberland County women and one Westmoreland County woman are included in the newly finished glass Wall of Honor at the Virginia Women’s monument on Capital Square in downtown Richmond.

The Wall of Honor currently includes the names of 230 Virginia women who have made unique contributions to Virginia’s state culture and history.

Elizabeth Key of Northumberland County was originally from Warwick County, Virginia and one of the first persons of African ancestry in the North American colonies to sue for freedom from slavery and win. Key won her freedom on July 21, 1656 in the colony of Virginia. Her suit was based on the fact that her father was an Englishman, and that she had been baptized a Christian.

Because of Key’s suit, the Virginia House of Burgesses passed a law in 1662 establishing that the social status of children born in the colony would follow the social status of their mother.

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Elizabeth Key, Caroline F. Putnam and Hannah Lee Corbin

have all been included on the Wall of Honor.

Photo by Sara Hunt