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Montross’ dangerous turn may soon become safer

Posted on Wednesday, September 4, 2019 at 11:39 am

Anyone pondering what a game of Pedestrian Polo feels like should try crossing the street on the crosswalk in Montross over by Angelo’s some time. It’s an adventure in and of itself, even when the crosswalk warning lights are activated, and all it would take for someone to get hurt is a perfect storm of a careless driver and a slow or just as careless pedestrian.

Larry Hinson, while not a resident of Montross per se, nonetheless regularly passes through that area and had plenty to say on the subject, even offering a suggestion that could go a long way to helping raise the safety level of the crossing, what with its sharp turn.

“What’s needed is a flasher out past the Carrot Cottage,” he explained. “So that when someone presses the button at the crosswalk, this starts flashing and the people approaching the turn know to slow down and be ready to stop. “

The council agreed for the most part, but VDOT is needed for these types of issues. While VDOT is scheduled to show up to discuss the matter, they will not be due until the September Town Council meeting. They initially did not take it seriously when Hinson brought the matter to their attention almost two years ago at a Board of Supervisors meeting. However, after seeing several pictures and videos of traffic taken of the turn in question, VDOT ate their words, and the result was the crosswalk lights, which while not getting drivers to slow down and yield all the time, is a definite step up from how it was before.

Montross has been grappling with the sharp turn through downtown for quite a while now, and the cross walk lights don’t seem to be much of a help, especially if someone goes through faster than the speed limit. It remains to be seen if anything else will be done at the turn.