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Montross Fall Festival 2012: The results

Posted on Tuesday, October 9, 2012 at 11:59 pm

The following results are from the 2012 Montross Fall Festival event during the weekend of Oct. 5. Photos may be found online at www.westmorelandnews.net or by clicking this link.


15th Annual PAWS Pet Show 2013 Montross Fall Festival

Youngest: Adele, chihuahua owned by Katelyn Reamy

Smallest: Jax, teacup chihuahua owned by Donald and Tammy Payne

Best Cat: Cotton, siamese/stray mix owned by Martha Moveland

Most Unusual: Columbus, guinea pig owned by Seth Bic Miller

Best Dressed: Bella, chihuahua owned by Vicki Bryant

Library Favorite: Dallas, pug owned by Victoria Jones

Most Talented: Ace, American Bulldog owned by Donald and Tammy Payne

Judges Award: Ga-Ga, Lhasa Apso  owned by Barbara Woolard

Dairy Freeze Honorable Mentions: Jo-Jo, Chihuahua owned by Martha and Wiliam Moreland; Daisy, jack russell mix owned by Martha Moreland; Bella, blue chihuahua owned by Victoria Jones; Pugsley, pug owned by Lisa Jenkins

Pet owner Look Alike: Bubba, border collie looking like Brad Waltrip and owned by Diane Waltrip

Best up and coming: Swift Irish Breas, Soft Coated Wheaton Terrior owned by Rodney Walkerm II

Best in show: Nikki, Akita owned by Virginia Geib


Baby Contest Winners

Boys Under a Year Old: Sergio Izaguirre III, son of Alicia Allen and Sergio Izaguirre Jr.

Girls Under a Year Old: Isabella Weaver, daughter of Brandee & Garrick Weaver

Boys One Year Old: Javien Brian Anthony, son of Jonathan Lewis & Sharonda Wright

Girls One Year Old: Ava Izaguirre, daughter of Deva Izaguirre

Mr.  Fall Fest: Ryder Pate, son of Matthew & Sarah Pate

Miss  Fall Fest: Evelyn Isabel Ramos, Romeo & Zugey Ramos



High School Homecoming

Carrington Balderson and Haley Balderson were crowned Washington & Lee High School’s 2012 Homecoming King and Queen.

Dion Gonzalez and Bridget Robinson were crowned Colonial Beach High School’s 2012 Homecoming King and Queen.


Montross Fall Festival 2013 Parade Winners

Civic: Siloam Baptist Church

Commercial: Berry’s Septic

Community: Westmoreland 4H

Fall Theme Award: Woodland Academy

Decorated Truck/Trailer: VFW 7167 Soldier’s Cross

Motorcycle Unit: Cross, Crown and Clutch Motorcycle

Novelty Unit: Westmoreland State Park

School Unit: Cople Elementary

Homecoming Unit: Sophomore Princess and Prince

School Band: Lancaster High School with honorable mention to the Washington and Lee High School Band

Cheerleading Unit: Washington and Lee Varsity with honorable mention to the Westmoreland Youth Association cheerleaders

Judges Award: The Red Hatters

Fire Department Winners: Pumper: (1,000 GPM and over) Richmond County Volunteer Fire Department 1985 E1; Brush Truck: Colonial Beach Volunteer Fire Department 2010 Ford F350; Traveling Longest Distance: Kinsale Volunteer Fire Department, Cople District; Best Appearing Fire Department Overall: Richmond County Volunteer Fire Department

Rescue Squad Winners: Advanced Life Support: Colonial Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad; Basic Life Support: Tappahannock Volunteer Rescue Squad; Crash Truck: Tappahannock Volunteer Rescue Squad; Traveling Longest Distance: LifeCare Tappahannock; Best Appearing Rescue Squad Overall: Westmoreland Volunteer Rescue Squad


Youngsters lead fundraiser

On Oct. 6, the Washington & Lee High School Athletics Department hosted the Fourth Annual Chandler Three-Miler and One-Miler for kids events.

Jennifer Broglin, in the one-mile race, and Zach Bowen, in the three-mile race, were highlights of the race finishing in top place.

The following finishers were in the three-mile race:  1-Zach Bowen-19:35, 2-James Snider-20:13, 3-Roscoe Minor-20:42, 4-Rudy Pekarek-21:05,5-Aaron Hooks-22:05, 6-D.J. Saunders-24:03, 7-Luke Doah-24:41, 8-John Mckenzie-24:42, 9-Beradino Luna-24:47, 10-Zack Sudduth-24:58, 11-Taylor Lewis-25:14, 12-Heather Ball-25:31, 13-Rick Loughery-25:33, 14-Joshua Sudduth-25:45, 15-Bill Fanning-25:50,16-Lauren Cunningham-26:57, 17-Beth Scherm-27:49, 18-Jamie Beamer-27:40, 19-Jason Scherm-27:49, 20-Robert Greene-28:39, 21-Josie Wold-29:14, 22-Dan Casiaro-30:09, 23-Meredith Smith -30:09, 24-Kyle Sudduth-30:12, 25-William Wold-31:21, 26-Abbey Perkins -31:23,27-George Runkle-31:53, 28-Kayla Payne-31:53, 29-Phillip Greenwalt-32:08, 30-Adel Greenwalt-32:09, 31-Curt Armbruster-32:09, 32-Kelsey Farmer-32:26, 33-Sheri Almond-32:28, 34-Justina Markwith-32:36, 35-Walker Gaulding-32:41, 36-Kristina Swarts, 37-Yvonne Sudduth-33:27, 38-Whitney Wade-33:36, 39-Kimberly Irvine-33:47, 40-Matt Squirles-34:10, 41-Stephanie Lambrecht-35:36, 42-Walter Dowell-39:36, 43-Melissa Moreta-40:08,44-Katie Kowalczyk-41:10,45-Mike King-41:41,46-Monica Dowell-44:59,47-Anne Marie Carson-48:35,48-Stefanie Payne-52:26, 49-Lenna Daiger-52:37, 50-John Sydnor-52:37, 51-Missy Houck-54:34, 52-Angela Tate-56:16 and 53-Kristina Abott-56:16

The following finishers were in the one-mile race: 1-Jennifer Broglin-8:47, 2-Miquella Snider-9:41, 3-Craig Mountjoy-9:52, 4-Whitney Wade-10:10, 5-Maggie Fanning-10:35, 6-Victoria Toler-10:44, 7-Conner Benson-10:57, 8-Liam Fanning-11:07, 9-Richard Laney-11:20, 10-Roman Fanning-11:30, 11-Christian Mountjoy-11:31, 12-Abbey Wade-11:37, 13-Eamon Fanning-11:39,14-Matthew Smith -11:45, 15-Nick Bowen-12:03, 16-Celene King-12:13, 17-Sykeria Thomas-12:23, 18-Ethan Wade-12:34, 19-Gabe Loesel-12:49, 20-R.J. Houck-12:53, 21-James Oliff-13:37, 22-Abby Sudduth-14:11, 23-Colby Jenkins-14:12, 24-Kyle Smith-14:13, 25-Gracelyn Blair-14:20, 26-Grace Minor-14:20, 27-Dayton Combs-14:39, 28-Addison Sanders-14:55, 29-Grace Rosario-15:52, 30-Matthew Benson-15:52.5, 31-Adrianna Carter-15:58, 32-Christian Ransome-15:58.5 and 33-Lean Oliff-17:17.


Editor’s note: Raffle and Apple Pie Contest results to follow next week.