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Montross improvements moving full steam ahead

Posted on Thursday, May 22, 2014 at 11:48 am

The Town of Montross Downtown Improvement Project is on a roll and members were on hand on Wednesday night May 14 to discuss the project’s status. Following a stroll around town to visit the featured artists at the museum and then to look at the repair work on the museum building, the group received a progress report.

Map of Downtown Montross showing locations of street lamps, etc.

Map of Downtown Montross showing locations of street lamps, etc.

According to Jerry Davis, Executive Director of the Revitalization Committee and grant administrator, segments of the revitalization plan have been submitted to DHR. He then went on to explain the newest map of the project that included proposed sidewalks, lighting, landscaping, signage, and murals. With regard to the spot landscaping that will take place, Davis noted that the primary trees will be red buds and the secondary trees will be crepe myrtle.

Discussion then proceeded to cover the schedule for the murals. The artists are to arrive on May 29th and begin work on the 30th. It is anticipated that the majority of the work will be completed by June 6, the night of the second art walk of the year. The artists commissioned to do the work are from California and are currently working on a Calvin Klein ad for Macy’s in New York. While they are in Montross, they will also be sprucing up the Coca Cola mural in town.

With regard to the facade, Davis noted that they had a pre bid meeting and that they “had some good bids come in.” The furniture store and museum is currently under contract and work has begun. It is anticipated that certain other buildings will be under contract soon. The work was bid in blocks according to Brenda Reamy and the three local contractors being awarded the work are: William E. Cooke, Trinity Builders, and Eagle Rivers Construction. Reamy said that 10 general contractors and 3 painters placed bids for the work.

The signage committee had met that very day with 17 Design Group and made final decisions on gateway and directional signs. The current plan is to have 2 gateway signs and one directional sign at the front of the courtyard with other directional signs being located at Oak Grove, Westmoreland State Park, and Warsaw. The committee made sure that the chosen signs were consistent with the rest of the signs in the county.